An Intimate Relationship with Jesus

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, it’s never too late to begin pursuing a deeper relationship with Him. Whether you’re already passionate about Jesus or know Him only on a surface level, everyone is welcome to join Paul and “… press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14).

Do you know Jesus Christ? I mean really know Him for yourself? Many have heard of Jesus but know little about Him. Many sing songs about His birth at Christmas and know that Easter commemorates His resurrection. Some think of Him as a teacher or perhaps the founder of a major world religion. But, do you know Him personally?

Would you like to know Jesus, I mean really know Him for yourself—hear Him speaking, see Him in action, know His personality? You don’t want to simply depend on some religious system or what other people say. You need to know for yourself.

Think about how it would be if you could go to a house and sit at the table where Jesus is having dinner. Join the group and take a boat trip with Jesus and His friends. Sit next to Jesus on a grassy hillside and listen to Him tell stories. Walk with Jesus down dusty roads and see how He relates to different people. This is how to build a relationship with someone, spending time with them and doing things together sharing in each other’s lives. By spending time with Jesus you will bump into people who like Jesus, and those who hate Him, and you will be able to understand why. Come, See and Know!

How can you do that? Do you need a time machine to travel back in history? No, you just need to engage yourself in the New Testament gospels where you will find eyewitness accounts of Jesus. When we read history books, look at the news, read newspapers, or look engage in those gossip outlets, we walk away feeling as though we really know the people personally as though they are our closest friends. The truth is most of the people you feel so close and attached with don’t even know you exist, this also holds true for those people you see everyday and call friend.  The inspired books of the New Testament have miraculous power to carry you across time and space and into direct contact with Jesus as He walked this earth long ago. As you go to meet Jesus in that time and place, Jesus comes to meet you in this time and place. You enter His life, and He enters your life. Come, See and Know!

As the biblical gospels carry you into contact with Jesus, one of the first things you notice is that Jesus is glad to see you and pleased that you want to meet Him. Because He is ever inviting wanting and waiting for new friends to come His way.  Just hang around with Him for a while, and find out what happens.

As you watch Jesus in action, you see that He has a remarkable effect on people. Just a few hours with Him—sometimes just a few minutes—is enough to make people realize that Jesus is like nobody they have ever met before. I’m certain if you desire a real relationship with Jesus you’ll feel the same way too. So what are you waiting for don’t you want to get started?

God’s Peace!


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