Who Is That In Your Mirror?

mirroreOur grooming habits can provide people with an important source of information about who we are, our values, social identity, and personality. Unfortunately, without a good mirror it is often difficult to see how we really look, due to the poor quality mirror providing us a distorted view of ourselves.  However, a quality-grooming mirror will feature a bright light that illuminates your face providing you with a true unblemished and very clear lifelike image.  This type of view allows you to see yourself exactly as you will appear to others giving you a much more accurate and effective representation of you. Using a good quality mirror will allow you to fix those wild hairs that makeup smudge or other imperfections clearly displayed to you.

Our reflection much like our spirit is all but impossible to see without a mirror. If you want to see your face, you look in a mirror. So likewise, our Bible is much like a  quality mirror showing you the reflection of your born-again spirit. The world also provides you with a reflection one that  it is distorted, a very dim image of who you really are. However, we see in James 1:22-25 he calls God’s Word a mirror, when you look in the Word, you begin to see your true self. You are not going to be led by the Spirit if you never look in the good mirror.  Just as your grooming, will not be the best if you never look at yourself in the proper mirror. You will soon find your hair not neatly combed; others will notice your makeup not evenly applied, if you have not groomed  in proper mirror. 

We walk around in an attempt to live our lives believing God will simply tap us on the shoulder interrupt our life and speak to us, without our doing anything at all. Certainly He can do that if He so chooses. However, He would rather you understand that you can see the image or reflection of things in your life when you look in His Word. When you do, He can really show you those things that are out of place and need adjusting in your life.

The same way you look at your reflection in the mirror every day to see the things that need to be fixed or adjusted on your physical body . In the same manner, God is saying to all of us, “Have you looked in the mirror of My Word today?” Have you ever wondered why you tend to struggle with some things in your life more than you do others? Which mirror are you holding? Have you looked in your spiritual mirror lately? It may surprise you the number of bible carrying, church going Christians, who never really look in their spiritual mirror, many only having time for a quick look, a glance. Yet, they are always wondering, “Why am I sinking, why am I stranded, why this or why that, why can’t I seem to get a break? Why, why, why? It may be they need to take a longer look with a better mirror.

As Christians living in the Word is not simply some catch phrase we say or something we do. Mirrors help us to evaluate or physical selves. Just as you look in a mirror, to decide if you need to make any physical changes before you leave for the day. You have to look in the mirror of God’s Word so you can know how to adjust the things out of order, those things that contradict His Word in your life. Now, you can look at the Bible in one of two ways. You can glance at the mirror or gaze into it. Keep in mind you do not just glance at your physical self in the mirror. So why look at the Word of God in a rushed, hurried manner and then leave? This is not the way to look into God’s Word. Glancing at God’s Word will not change your life. Just as glancing at yourself will not change your hairstyle, if you truly want a life that God blesses, it all starts with gazing into His Word.

God’s Peace


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