The Rest of Your Life

whatareyoulivingforWhile what are you living for is a very good question to ask. If you look honestly at your motivations, you will find them to be for YOU. Even your most elegant efforts to become socially appropriate are rooted primarily in your motivation to realize your own personal dreams and desires. Therefore, the better questions to ask are if you live for many more years, what quality of character will people think of when remembering you? What will your life have counted? Many people would agree that most people will accept–intellectually if not emotionally–they eventually will die and considering the natural progression of life as a person grows older and time shorter what they do with their remaining years is crucial, so to sum it all up the basic question remains what are you living for?

Like most people, you enjoy when you are well liked, respected, and appreciated after all who does not. It may even hurt if someone finds humor at your expense, belittles you or criticizes you. Even if you do not really care what others think, you want to feel good about yourself. However, wait a minute! Here comes that question again what are you living for, that is to say what is life all about anyway, is it only all about you and me and how we feel about ourselves? Is it just about what we can do, or how smart we are?

If there were ever a time that we need to examine our lives and be certain we are living one hundred percent for the Lord; the time is always now. As Christians, God calls us to a standard of living that supersedes the world’s way of doing things. Living a holy lifestyle is a non-negotiable option for those who claim to be followers of Christ. Life is not all about fitting in or having fun. It is a war zone. A war between right and wrong. When you are in a home where always doing the right things are encouraged, you have an easier time obeying. Still disobedient attitudes will sneak up on you. This is the reason; we must renew our minds and examine our lives for areas of sin that we need to deal with. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can fulfill God’s directives and carry out His Word.

In 1 Peter 1:16, God gives clear directives on how we are to live our lives as Believers. He says, “Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.” Holiness is a vital part of our relationship with God for several reasons. First, holiness is essentially for being of one mind with God. It is adopting a mind-set that agrees with the Lord regarding what He thinks is good and what He thinks is evil. It also involves carrying out the mind and will of God in our everyday lives. For example, if God says walking in fear is a sin, then we are to agree with God and do everything we can to eradicate fear from our lives. According to the Word, cultivating the love of God in our hearts and walking in love toward God and others is the way to flush fear out of our spirits.

The renewing of the mind is critical to being holy. Romans 12:1, 2 clarifies the issue of mind renewal, with God working in you: Take your everyday, ordinary life sleeping, eating, going-to-work and walking-around enjoying life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him. Do not become so well adjusted to the culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, set your attention on God. You will experience change from the inside out. Readily recognize what God desires of you, and eagerly and quickly respond to it. As Christians, we must examine every detail of our lives and get God’s thoughts on those areas. We should ask the Lord to reveal to us any area of disobedience in our lives and to show us if we have overlooked things that need to be changed. Search the Scriptures understanding what His will is when it comes to conduct and behavior and do what He instructs in those areas. When we align our lives with His standard, He begins to reveal His plans and purposes for our lives on a very personal level.

The world system its styles and methods of doing things only serve the purpose of dragging us down to its level of spiritual immaturity, which includes walking in the flesh and fulfilling our selfish desires. However, when we offer our lives to God as a living sacrifice, replacing doing our will with the desire to do His will, our lives begin to transform. Looking at our lives in light of God’s Word is the best thing we can do to ensure our relationship with Jesus Christ is thriving and growing.

This all brings me back to my first question, “What are you living for?” If God gives you more years, how will you live the rest of your life? Will you influence the world around you for the sake of the gospel? Although we cannot control how we were brought into this world, we may not have had much control over how we were raised or even what happens to us while we go through this life. However, we do control how we respond, to it all how we grow, mature, and what we do with our faith in Christ.

God’s Peace


One thought on “The Rest of Your Life

  1. Wow! Really great article! It really made me do a bit of thinking about who I really should be as a true Christ follower in ALL areas of my life!!


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