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Share LoveHave you ever been really excited, like when you finally buy something you have really wanted for a long time maybe one of the latest and greatest electronic devices, or perhaps you finally found the perfect pair of shoes on sale to match that special outfit? Do you remember how you could not wait to tell someone, everyone, all about it? What about when you believe to have met that special someone, remember those nights of waiting for the phone to ring, then talking all night  never getting tired… do you recall when the mere mention of that individual, or hearing their voice caused butterflies in your stomach? All good marketing advertisers know when we really love something – or someone — we naturally want to tell other people all about it, providing every intricate detail. Which is why the greatest form of advertisement in this entire world is still word of mouth.

So why is it that we as Christians don’t share much about what should be the most important relationship in our lives – our relationship with Jesus? Someone once figured out about 1 in every 10 professed Christians actively and intentionally share the love of God with other people. It’s hard to understand how we can personally experience God’s infinite grace, love, mercy and forgiveness, yet hold back when it comes to sharing it with others.

What it boils down to is this: we hold back from telling others about Jesus because after the excitement of the infatuation stage wears off much like in our earthly relationships we often begin to hear, listen to, and more often than not believe the lies of others regarding the one we love. Just as our covetous earthly neighbors would like to see us stumble and even fall, our spiritual enemy satan wants us to believe certain lies because he knows this will prevent us from moving on into the next stage of our relationship with God. Sadly for so many, when they feel the butterflies flitting away, they assume love has likewise flitted away. Then they are off to find a NEW relationship one that they believe will remain in the euphoric stage forever. These type of people are identified by the frequency in which they move from relationship to relationship never seeming to hang around long enough to discover what the next stage has to offer. The post-butterfly stage of a relationship often provides stability, respect, contentment and trust, which all add up to long-term commitment and a lifelong relationship extending through eternity.

But this is what happens when we trade our all night conversations for a good night’s sleep, when mention of the other person becomes just another name, or when those butterflies turn out to be nothing more than indigestion. Unfortunately too many of us walk away from potentially great relationships simply because “the butterflies are gone.” Have you walked away from the one and only dependable relationship you will ever have? Have you begun listening to the lies of the enemy?

There are several specific lies, or strongholds that keep us from sharing God’s love with those around us. For example, you may have heard that people aren’t open to hearing about our faith. This could not be farther from the truth: We think that most people aren’t open, but reality says otherwise. Sharing God’s love is reserved for scholarly clergy or people with outgoing personalities. This is also not true we don’t have to be Jesus to share our faith. God uniquely made each one of us to share His love in our own way. The Bible says the power is in the message not the messenger. Witnessing is what we do as Christians. Witnessing is what we are. Most of us have been taught that we need to witness to others. But before Jesus ascended into heaven, He told his disciples, “… You will be my witnesses…” This doesn’t mean just being a nice person or only living a lifestyle that demonstrates Christ-likeness. The world needs to see the message of God as our life and it needs to hear the message of the Gospel in our every word. Sharing the word of God is much like a planned event like going to church. Sharing the word of God is a way of life, a lifelong process. We can be assured that it’s never entirely up to us share the gospel with someone. God is always orchestrating the process and usually there are several others believers who are also involved in some way for Him with us.

These are nothing more than strongholds that we must demolish daily with our spiritual weapons of God’s truth as Paul stated in (2 Cor 10:4-5).

If we lack the conviction or the passion to share God’s love, then perhaps we need to experience God’s love in such a fresh, new way so that we will once again feel compelled to share it. Consider these things – if we who know we are loved by God fail to share our knowledge of God, how will people know that God loves them? If as followers of Truth we do not step up, who will show them and who will tell them of Truth? As an individual do you feel compelled to show and tell the lost?

If you’ve ever built a fire you know that at first it burns hot and fast because paper and kindling catches easily. Hopefully, the paper and kindling ignite the logs and you’re left with red glowing coals that will slowly burn through the long night. Being in a committed relationship does not mean giving up the excitement and passion you came to know when it was first ignited. However to maintain the glow through the long night it requires work.

I pray for conviction that we are all compelled by the love of God to share our faith and reach out and care for those who are lost.

God’s Peace


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