Learn to Pray

Spirit of TruthHow did we ever learn to skate, ride a bike, or whatever else it is that we do? Simply by doing it. However, someone always seemed to be around to help us even when we think we don’t need any help perhaps a parent, sibling, or someone close to the family. But when it comes to prayers how does one learn to pray, well that’s easy we learn to pray by praying, but who will be around to help me if needed to see that I’m doing it right? I mean the disciples had Jesus physically with them to hold there hand and give them step by step examples Luke 11:1-13. But what about us today?

We are guided and helped in prayer by the power of the Spirit of Truth “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: “John 16:13. It is the Holy Spirit who “tunes” our prayers to the very heart of Christ, constantly teaching us to pray much like Jesus taught the disciples. But wait how does this process work? First imagine if you will Jesus praying for you, now listen in on His prayer. What would He say to the Father on your behalf? How would He plead for you? Try for a moment to picture Him and say, “Lord Jesus, I thank you and know You are interceding for me right now and always.

Now compare that to what you’re praying for. Then listen in on Jesus praying for you under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Doing this I assure you will changed your prayer life. By listening to Him, You will know how to pray for yourself. You will also want to listen in on how Jesus would pray for those you love. Ask him and listen in, “Lord, what are You praying for my family, my children, my spouse? What does my family need?

What are you praying, Jesus, what is your prayer for my church, my friends?” now listen, and order your prayers as the Spirit leads, seeking to pray as Jesus would pray. Do you ever wonder how Jesus might pray for you? Just take a peek in through the window of John chapter 17, and see what Jesus prayed for you and for me on the last night of His life. He interceded on our behalf to the Father, asking that we might be one with Him and with God the Father, and that on the basis of that unity, the world might believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He also prayed that we would know we are loved by God with the same love which He has for His only Son. Listen to the heart of Jesus as He prays. Now listen to yours to see if it is truly in sync or just maybe like mine from time to time it needs a little tuning.

God’s Peace


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