God’s Dream for You

We all have dreams and aspirations, parents often have dreams for their children, dreams like, “I hope he’s a professional ball player, a doctor” or “I hope she’s musical, an attorney” or “it’d be great if she’s, you know, athletic or artistic…” But then, as you get a little older and the child has gone through some stages in life, the dreams begin to change, “Well, I hope they get a good job” and “hope they do well in school.” Then the older you get and the older they get, you get to the point where, “I don’t care what they do, so as long as…”Your dreams turn into what kind of person they will be, “I just want a kid that loves me, and I want them to be a good person with good ethical morals and values.” At the end of the day, the real dream in your heart is not about what your kids do, it’s about who they become and it’s about their relation and genuine connection to you.

Our heavenly Father has a dream for every one of His children, and God’s dream is to make you like His Son. “Be ye mature or fulfill your design,” Matthew 5:48 says, “be ye perfect even as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” In Romans 8:29, Paul says God uses every circumstance, every up, every down, every relationship, everything we ever go through to conform us to the image of His Son. in Ephesians 4 Paul tells us that the whole purpose of the church is designed–so that through the relationships that we have and the gifts that God places in the body–that we would all grow up to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Everyone has dreams, goals and visions for what they want their life to be. Dreams are not merely the nightly thoughts you experience as the brain sorts out the day’s events. They are those continuing visions of what you want your life to be at its highest level of fulfillment–what you want to do, how you want to do it, what kind of person you want to become in the process. Dreams fuel your passions lighting a fire in your heart and saturate your soul with joy at the very thought of them.

Contrary to our belief a dream doesn’t drive you; it draws you. It is like a big magnet that pulls you toward itself. I don’t believe that there is a man or woman without a dream, because God designed every member of the human race to have dreams. Your dream did not even originate with you. It resides within you, God put it there. He is the source of your dream. Your dreams are connected to His reality.  When people dream without God, they find it hollow and unsatisfying. Every person must come to Jesus for his or her dream to make sense. In fact, without Jesus, you might follow a dream for your life that God never put in your heart.

There is such a thing as godless dreams, not every dream is from God.  So, how can we be sure our dream is wrapped in God’s reality? Start by asking yourself will the dream last forever? Many people pursue dreams built on things that will fade away. They dream of fame, but fame never lasts. Others build dreams on wealth, health, or power, but none of these last more than a few decades at most. A dream cannot be built on ego. It cannot be built on tradition–because the company expects it or your family expects it. None of these foundations will support your dream.

You must build your dreams on something that will last. Only two things in the entire world will last forever: truth and people. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word will never pass away. You have to build your dream on that never-ending, unchanging foundation.

Your dream must be built on human need. Will it help people? Improve lives? Alleviate human suffering? Does it fill a need nobody else is filling? Does it direct people to God? If so, you can be sure that dream is from God. The secret to happiness in life is pouring into other people, giving without expecting anything in return.

Your destiny and reason for living are wrapped up tightly in your dreams and desires, like the genetic information inside a seed. That dream in your heart contains your spiritual “DNA,” the very blueprint for who you are. Your dream is that idea God placed on your heart, that vision for your life that burns inside of you–something you can’t ignore for long. It keeps coming back to your mind because it is part of who you are; it will never leave you alone.

However, the dream your Heavenly Father has for you is based on His reality and is not about what you do, not about what you accomplish, not about what kind of job you have, not how many points you’re scoring spiritually. His primary dream is the kind of person you become, the kind of relationship you have with Him. He wants you to be a loving, kind, gentle, holy person who walks in integrity.

He wants to have casual conversations and have you talk with Him during your daily activities. And when you come to the crossroads of big decisions and everyone says do this and your Heavenly Father says do that, He wants you to say, “Father, I want to do it Your way. I want to please you. Not my will but thine be done” He wants an intimate, loving, deep relationship with you.

Your dream above all should bring glory to God. The most horrible thing in life is to realize you have wasted months, years or decades following the wrong dream. Life is too precious to fritter away by building on a crumbling foundation. Many people lose their lives, not by dying, but by squandering their time away.

Jesus said in John 15:5 “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. “The unstoppable power, energy and creativity needed to fulfill our dreams must flow from, and through Him, always rooted in God’s reality.

God’s Peace!


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