Sin – Just Do It!

I believe we can all agree there is something profoundly wrong not only in our country, and across our nation, but in our world today. It appears it could be something very basic, yet its characteristics are much more elusive than first exhibited, no one can seem to pinpoint it. Although, if we would take our time, stop, and really investigate the cause of the world’s intense and progressive ailment, we would soon discover everyone has a very different opinion as to why our world is so off kilter.

Some wonder if perhaps we have not evolved as far as initially believed in terms of our intellect. But upon further examination we determine man has more useful information by which to gain knowledge today than any other time in our world’s history. With the advent of personal computers, and computer type devices constantly attached at our hip we have more information at our finger tips than we have ever known at any other time in modern history. This causes others to wonder if with all of this information we are not severely overloaded, or worse yet, simply technology lazy, which in either case is somehow causing our most intellectual minds of today to lag.

However, after further analysis, we can once again conclude our progress over the years has been nothing short of remarkable in many areas of science, math, philosophy and physics. In 1945 Raytheon filed a patent for a device that uses radio waves at a specifically set frequency to agitate water molecules in food. As these water molecules get increasingly agitated they begin to vibrate at the atomic level and generate heat.  Nearly 22 years later the first somewhat affordable microwave oven was introduced and available for retail sale. This discovery allows people all over the world today to cook and reheat food in a fraction of the time of our traditional cooking methods. So it doesn’t appear our troubles lie in man’s lack of scientific brilliance. We indeed must look a lot deeper and get beyond the symptoms of man’s problems and expose the real cause of the cancer that plagues our world today.

I have personally found it  somewhat difficult to follow a movie when I arrive in the middle of the film, often by the time you catch up with the story, the movie is all but over. Sometimes you must start at the beginning to have a comprehensive understanding of the roles along with the current action of all the characters. If we are to fully understand the condition of our world we must go back and look at the beginning, if we are in fact sincere about identifying the problem attacking our world today. Once at the beginning we won’t have far to look, we must look in the hearts and souls of man, it is our moral astuteness or lack thereof that is the cause. It is a simple problem it is due to the way we live, somehow we have allowed the way we live to surpass the spiritual end for which we live. Thus we now find ourselves in a distorted world one that is topsy-turvy.

The root of our problem is man, and the antidote is only complex in its simplicity, we have not yet learned, the art of being honest, kind, just, or loving. The real problem is through all of our scientific aptitude we managed to use our many technological advances to create a dysfunctional neighborhood out of the world, while through our moral, and spiritual intellect we have failed miserably at cultivating a cohesive society. Thus the greatest dangers we face today are not terrorist threats, nuclear weapons, prejudices, or even world wars. The real terminal disease we need be afraid of threatening our civilization today are the nuclear weapons inside the heart of man, with the capability of exploding at a moment’s notice into the most abominable of selfish, and self-hatred ever known.

Our reality does not revolve around the Kardashians, but it revolves around the moral fundamentals of our universe. Believe it or not we live in a moral world, with moral laws. These moral laws are equally as enduring and should be treated just as our physical laws. We never have a problem obeying or understanding the physical laws which we readily embrace and operate within. Such as the law of gravity one of the most common physical laws known to man, this law keeps us from attempting to jump off the highest cliff without being properly equipped believing we will fly, and not fall to the ground. Just as there is a law of gravity, there is a law of love and when the law of love is broken or ignored there are universal consequences.

Unfortunately as Christians many of us have conformed to the way the modern world operates, adopting a sort of ethical code of kinship with the world. In our growing collaboration with the world we have adopted the position that right and wrong are merely relative to our own individual perspectives depending on the prevailing circumstances. Most people cannot, or will not stand up for their own convictions, because the majority of people might not be doing it. After all if everybody’s not doing it, something must be wrong with it, accordingly if the majority agrees and are doing it, it is obviously the right thing to do.

It’s simply wrong to throw our lives away in lawless living. It does not matter if everyone on the planet is doing it (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12). Some things in the world are just absolute. God Himself has made it so, this is why we must not adopt the world’s relative attitude toward right and wrong, when we do, we stand on an opposing side to the very laws of this universe, placing us in direct opposition to God Himself.

We have gotten so far away from our creator we have somehow embraced a sort of matter-of-fact rationale for right and wrong-whatever works is right. Look at our elected officials, celebrities, athletes, and yes even our church leaders so long as you don’t get caught, anything goes. Do what makes you feel good it’s all right, cheat, lie, steal, kill, and destroy. The long time Nike slogan “Just Do It” lives on as it has become the predominant approach to life in our modern society, the motto of our culture today. Just do it, you can ask for forgiveness later. No matter what you do, just do it, but be discreet in your dealings. We can even hate one another through the vehicle of prejudice as long as it’s properly dressed sprinkled with a little love and a dash of concern “Just Do It”.

It is no longer enough to know how to be polite, but we must know the intricacies of love. We must understand being honest and just with one another is not only the right thing to do but it is a moral law  of our universe, a commandment of God (2 Corinthians 8:21, Proverbs 6:16-23, Philippians 4:8).  We must learn this new universal math, God’s common core and know the simple disciplines, starting with honesty, multiplied by love, and adding just to all of humanity. If we are unable to grasp this concept, we will inevitable destroy ourselves. Some things are just right, whether anyone sees you doing them or not.

But first before we attempt to make the world better we need to go back and find that precious gift we’ve somehow left behind. We need to return to the place in time when we realized and understood the principle of the universe, when we knew God is behind the entire process. You may be saying I already know that, I believe and participate in church, etc. Wonderful, but we must remember it’s possible to affirm the existence of God with our lips and deny his existence with your life. The church, is filled with people who pay lip service to God and not life service. This is the most dangerous type of person in the church today the unbelieving believer.

I believe it is happening all across America like a plague, this infectious epidemic of unbelieving believers from the pulpit, through the pews, right out into our society and because of it, as a nation we have unconsciously left God behind. Of course we would never consciously do anything like leave the Creator behind, however just as Mary and Joseph (Luke 2:43 – 46) we have unconsciously left Him behind and NOW we must go back, there where He will remind us all of who He is.

We didn’t grow up, wake up one morning and tell God OK thanks for everything I’m out, see you around sometime. It is the materialism in our society, our inventions, all of our machines and devices, and all of our modern conveniences that have caused us to unconsciously leave God behind. We didn’t do it intentionally.  We just got so caught up, we became so involved in, getting our big bank accounts, our big homes, luxury cars, big screen televisions, etc. that we unconsciously forgot about God. It became much more convenient to go and enjoy Brunch on Sunday morning and the beach in the afternoon than to attend church.

We became so involved and fascinated by the complexities of our favorite reality shows, that we record and watch commercial free, we found it a little more convenient to stay at home than to attend church. We didn’t even realize God, was gone. We became so involved in things that we forgot about God.

In a nation where we have so many conveniences, luxuries and stuff, there looms the danger that we will unconsciously forget about God. I’m not advocating that these things aren’t important, we need most of them to survive, cars, money, some of these things are important for us to live. But whenever these things become substitutes for God, they become fatal.

God’s Peace


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