When Will You Be Satisfied

310782_10151611520671718_2121059651_nThis may seem like a strange question especially when everyone is not satisfied by the same thing, or are they. It has often been said that true satisfaction can only be found within, and you already possess the power to be satisfied. However, when life does not go as you planned and problems continue to mount, No one could honestly blame you for feeling frustrated. It gets extremely hard for even the best of us to stay appreciative, satisfied or even content with our circumstances. Millions of people deal with financial, emotional, and physical problems, and after being beaten down by life itself on a daily basis; it is completely understandable that to look above it all and still be satisfied, content, and appreciate who you are, and your position in life, is very difficult to do.

Martin Luther King, Jr., has arguably become one of the most inspiring, unifying, divisive and reviled men ever to shine in America. Dr. King delivered one of the greatest speeches in American history on August 28, 1963. From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, he sang out the words, “I have a dream.” In that speech he too posed the question “When Will You Be Satisfied”.

Every person is looking for something more in life, a soul-mate, the perfect career, every person longs for moral justice,  we all desire the best place to live, as people we are always looking, seeking more this, more that, we just want that which is fair and just, but will we then be satisfied? We seem to be searching for a vehicle that will take us to our euphoria, our place of peace, our ultimate satisfaction. But why, why is it that no matter what we have, what we accomplish, or what happens in life the majority of us are never satisfied for long, we quickly return to the never-ending chase for the ultimate satisfaction.

The desire man has to be totally satisfied, the longing of the human heart for something outside of itself, something far more superior, something more than, simply stated “other.” Perhaps this constant urge to be satisfied can best be explained if we look at Ecclesiastes 3:11 which refers to God’s placing of “eternity in man’s heart.” That is to say God made humanity for His eternal purpose, and only God can fulfill our desire for eternal satisfaction, only God can satisfy the longing in the hearts of man, only God.

God’s Peace


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