Through the Looking Glass

When I was growing up, there were no PlayStations, Wii’s or Xbox’s. Although the Atari 2600 was pretty popular with an awesome game known as “Pong”. I didn’t live in the best neighborhood in town either, however I didn’t know it at the time,  I was always just a happy child. It seemed like I had all the things I needed and most of the things I wanted which wasn’t much at all. Like many of my friends, I often had a few chores to do before going outside, after all who wants to stay in the house all day playing video games. I had a fair number of friends while growing up, we didn’t require much as children back then, together we were all we really needed to enjoy ourselves, we were always each other’s entertainment. We spent a lot of our spare time riding bikes and creating our own adventures. Our imaginations worked overtime to invent new games. But no matter what, Hide and Seek and Dodge Ball were among our favorites, along with building go karts and climbing trees, there was even a neighborhood clubhouse in a friend’s backyard. We were always having fun.

Children today have no idea what fun really is, they have no clue how much fun can be had without some type of electronic device in their hands. The majority of the gifts I received other than a racetrack or new bicycle were usually educational. It was not unusual for me to receive books to read for a birthday gift, a puzzle book, or puzzle to put together for Christmas.

One year for my birthday, I received one of the best presents of my childhood life a Telescope and Microscope Set. After a couple of school field trips to the observatory and the museum of science and industry I became very interested in the sky especially at night, with all the stars and planets.  I really enjoyed the way the telescope would bring the stars and planets so close it was like you could reach out and touch them. Better still, with the microscope you can inspect and see details tiny insects, like ladybugs and caterpillars. Although, magnification doesn’t make objects bigger, it does alter our perception of an object, making it appear bigger to us. The microscope takes exploration to a whole new level. A grain of sand or a drop of water has a dimension that you could never see without magnification. You find an entirely new world of discoveries while gaining a totally different perspective from anything you have experienced with the natural eye.

In verse 3 of the 34th Psalm David says “Oh, magnify the Lord with me” he is clearly saying join me in “Making God more prominent in your life, your culture, etc.” To promote who God is, to talk about His reputation. It is obvious his relationship with God was so meaningful that he wanted to magnify it. He clearly wanted to know the intimate details of God—the entity and substance of the Holy One that could only be known through magnification. He longed for intimacy. It was not enough to dwell in the shelter of the Most High; David wanted to abide in the very shadow of the Almighty. His soul thirsted for God.

If a person does not have that kind of longing to know God, there is a very good chance he has never met Him. He has never become a child of God, this longing has already been set within us. So, how do we magnify the Lord? Of course, through His Word, along with fasting and prayer which is critical to understanding the will of God. However, David adds another facet in Psalm 69:30. He says, “I will praise the name of God with a song, and shall magnify Him with thanksgiving”. He added worship—worship is a lifestyle. We must magnify Him with our walk, the way we live must magnify Him so others may see.

There is something about praising God that affects us in the physical, but it also affects things in the spiritual realm as well. As praises go up to God, He hears them, and responds to our cries – Psalm 34:6 & 15. That doesn’t mean that our circumstances will always change immediately if at all; sometimes we have to walk through the valley, but while we are going through, we must be careful not to murmur and complain about our circumstances.

Paul and Silas are very good examples of what happens when we choose to praise God even when things aren’t exactly comfortable for us. They were bound in the middle of a jail cell with no hope of escape. Their circumstances were depressing to say the least, yet they chose to do something that in the natural seemed ridiculous. They began to sing, praise and magnify the Lord. Their hearts were so full of the goodness of God and who He was that even in the middle of dire circumstances they couldn’t keep from promoting Him. The Bible says that not only did their chains fall off, but all the prison doors in the jail were opened. Their praise helped set others free as well – Acts 16:16-31.

When we face seemingly hopeless and dismal circumstances, it is imperative that we magnify the Lord and who He is. It is not something we can afford to wait until we feel like doing. It is a decision that we make and stick with, no matter what comes our way. The devil wants you to be full of fear believing God has abandoned you. When in truth God promised never to leave or forsake us. Let us magnify the Lord, at all times and tell of His goodness, promote His faithfulness and tell of His wonderful acts of grace towards us. He is on our side and He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond anything we can hope ask or think – Ephesians 3:20. God is bigger than any problem, any circumstance, or any obstacle you may face. Start praising and magnifying Him and you’ll soon discover that when you magnify God nothing is bigger than Him.

God’s Peace


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