The Question

What gives place to the seemingly unanswerable question is an indescribable longing born in a place just as immeasurable as the question itself. It is not simply a professional longing that stems from some momentary displacement of emotions from not getting the promised promotion, nor is it a personal yearning brought on from some cultural divide or lack thereof.  No, the question is plainly a race issue, the human race, the question is universal; it is systemic to all of humanity. This individual yet common question is this, “Is this all there is to life” 

Like many young people, I am certain I was somewhat annoyingly inquisitive always asking questions even after getting an answer I would still ask “Why”. Where are we going? Why? What is that or this? “Why”? I now understand why many adults use words like “because”, and phrases like “just do as I say”. As I grew out of the adolescent phase of life where every “Why” begin to have the same answer of “because that’s just how it is”, or that’s just how it works, or simply “because.”  I thought after becoming an adult all that would change and I would either magical know all the answers or at least people would see me as an equal and provide details other than saying because.

Oddly enough when I became an adult nothing, changed even adults ask why and they still receive the same responses “because”. So here I am still asking why, “is this all there is to life?” why am I here? I was born had some fun growing up, now I find myself an adult trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, what about during the process of having a life, I mean why am I here? I do not simply want to know the purpose of life or my individual purpose in life, but I want to know what life is, is this it, is this my answer to the why in life, what makes it all meaningful?

This cannot be the why; this cannot be after all the plans, the hard work, all the mistakes, all the pain, suffering, heartaches, all the time spent. Does everything you worked for culminate in this, a mindless pursuit after things that never satisfy, is this life? Should we grab all we can party like there is no tomorrow, a simple yet temporal solution, much like a pill that will only treat symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

It would appear life boils down to a couple of very simple principles.  The road you chose to travel and where it is going, we find Jesus speaking in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life”. In these words, Jesus was declaring Himself the great “I Am,” the only path to heaven, the incomparable measure of righteousness, and the source of both physical and spiritual life. Jesus is not only a source of life He is The Life.

Life alone makes now possible, before the definition of a thing can arise before a thought can come, the sensation of existence must be present. The intuitive understanding that you exist suggests either you feel separate from things that “appear” outside of you and your realm of understanding or you feel at one with everything all. Either way, we are unfortunately flawed in that we lack the capability to comprehend truth just as people did more than two thousand years ago when Truth was put on trial and judged by people who were devoted to lies and could not recognize Truth although Truth was standing right in front of them. In John 18:38 Pilate having a conversation with Jesus asked the same question we continue to ask today “What is truth?”

It is no wonder man with our limited sense of perception and capacity to think, remember or even feel are unable to define, and has such difficulty explaining life, the meaning of life, understanding life and almost anything pertaining to life. Void of truth there is no life therefore; we are not competent to define life. Life cannot be limited to an idea or a thought nor can it be confined to the limits of reason. When we find The Way to The Truth, we will know The Life.

God’s Peace!




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