An Issue of Trust

Stabbed in The BackOver the years, I have had the opportunity to observe life through the eyes of those around me, and over time, it has become obvious that in every life, there is bound to be situations we cannot handle. Nevertheless, we turn to friends or family, and unfortunately, their flaws and imperfections keep them from being a reliable source of help or comfort. Oftentimes it is their insecurities and fears causing them to be unsympathetic when we desperately need guidance or advice. As people, we all make mistakes and often let one another down. It should not be hard to understand why placing trust in another person takes a great deal of courage, especially when the world suddenly turns against us and we find those closest to us seemingly distancing themselves from us.

The world is full of never-ending unsettling situations that appear hopeless when we try to solve them through our own feeble efforts. With everything going on in our society today, the biggest battle in our world is not some military operation. The real war is going on inside people. It is true; when it looks like there’s no way out and you keep hitting the proverbial brick wall, after repeatedly being let down by friends, family and loved ones, one of the biggest conflicts we face today is releasing, submitting, giving up our way of doing things, and surrendering to God’s will. Considering we are all natural-born rebels with a built-in resistance to submission of any and every kind. Besides, submissiveness has a terrible reputation these days, so when you hear the word surrender it is hard when you have repeatedly been  let down, disappointed, and even stabbed in the back, not by strangers, but those closest to you, even the sincerest of people struggle with the idea.

Believe it or not when properly applied, submission replaces the pain and strife of our natural rebellion and greatly increases our joy. To understand what this looks like we need not look any farther than (Luke 1:26-38) where we find a very familiar scene. An angel appears to Mary explaining her role in God’s plan. Mary asked one question in (Luke 1:34) seemingly, to be certain she heard correctly, after which the only and immediate response Mary had in (Luke1:38) was total surrender what a phenomenal reaction of complete and utter submission to God. If there is anything that we can learn from the woman whom God chose to be Jesus’ mother, it is the lesson of surrender, total submission.

Mary surrendered to God’s will even though she was doubtful and did not have all the details. Mary was not 100% sure in that first moment. If you had been Mary, would you have at least wanted someone to fill in the bigger picture? I am sure Mary had many questions; even scripture says that she kept pondering these things in her heart. If you have been saying, “I’m going to surrender to God when I have all of the information, when I get myself together,” give it up to God now and be in partnership with Him in whatever has been burdening your heart. Mary surrendered to God’s will by faith. It always comes back to trusting God and believing that He always has your best interest at heart.

The life we are presently in is but for a moment (James 4:14). God has allowed you to be in a circumstance; perhaps it is a very difficult place. This is your opportunity to display the superiority of a life lived in God. Take hold of it. Seize it as Mary did and say from your heart, “Behold, the bond slave of the Lord. May it be unto me according to Your Word.” There is such joy in that type of surrender. Someone else exists who can handle the issues of life much better than we can if we just let Him. “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27). Although others will let you down, God never will. When you learn to trust Him, submitting to Him in all circumstances, you will find a peace that you will not understand but will truly welcome….

God’s Peace!



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