We All Do It

I am almost certain that most people at some time in their life have heard someone say “You don’t question God”. I would often hear those words as a child growing up on a Sunday morning. Maybe you’ve been praying for a particular thing or situation in your life, you want to pay those nagging bills off, get that promotion. Maybe it’s a relationship issue, whatever you’re dealing with you are praying for the final results to land in your favor. What happens when it doesn’t happen the way you envisioned, when concern creeps in, moving quickly to doubt, when you lose your patience and even begin to question God Himself. This type of thinking is known as “reasoning” and it comes from our own logic which is born of the flesh.

Our natural way of thinking, our mindset, our logic is contradictory to the ways and Words of God. Our fleshly logic operates through a process of questioning that comes from fleshly desires. No, it’s not a sin or wrong to ask God a legitimate question when we are seeking to understand His direction. The problem begins when we question His judgement or ability to provide what we need which is not necessarily what we want. James 1:5 instructs us to inquire of God when we need wisdom “if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all men generously and without reproaching, and it will be given him.” This does not mean you should ask questions in this fashion “why am I still in debt?” or “Why am I still sick, I thought You were the Healer?” these questions are questions of human reasoning and they don’t solicit God for wisdom; instead they challenge Him for an explanation or justification for His direction.

This approach will quickly get you in trouble as you are being lead down a path to destruction. Doubt has gotten a foothold in your mind because you’ve let what you are unable to physical see, hear or touch cause you to question the truth of God’s Word. When we take the position of questioning and explaining to God how obedient we’ve been with words like “Why am I going through this?” or “I don’t deserve to go through this. I help others, I am always in church, and I pay my tithes and leave a little extra every Sunday.” If you’re not careful you soon find yourself blaming God for what is happening in your life.

What can we do to keep human reasoning under check?  First, we must recognize how much of our thinking is merely human, natural thoughts and then have a desire to change. Human reasoning cannot please God for it takes God out of everything and exalts humanity, carnal reasoning as the best way to go and the best way to live. Human reasoning is what started all of the sorrow, suffering and the grief all of mankind have experienced since Adam, the first man, submitted to his own reasoning and rejected the wisdom of God.

Let God know you want your spirit man to be dominate in your thought life and ways of doing things and ask Him for His help for He has help for you.  When you begin to see the natural, carnal thoughts that need to be dealt with, obey His urging and turn from them. Know that we are not subject to just natural, carnal thinking. We need to learn to trust in the LORD with all of our heart; and lean not unto our own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5 In all of our ways we are to acknowledge Him and He shall direct our paths.

I may not know much, but this I do know I am not wise in my own strength, but I fear the LORD and depart from evil.  I am a son of God and therefore I am led by the Spirit of God.  I am spiritually minded and I experience life and peace which leads me to God’s wisdom as He directs me to a life of fuller than I could ever think or imagine.



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