Engage Your Mind

Most people sleepwalk through life in a zombie-like condition seeming to lack complex reasoning critical for most of the activities we consider worthwhile like social interactions, intellectual pursuits, personal projects, etc. Zombies roam around in a semi-decomposed state, having the ability to laugh and cry, but void of any real feelings.  Their actions are guided entirely by impulses. Anyone could be a zombie. They may not eat other people, but could still be a philosophical zombie, someone who speaks and acts like an ordinary person, but lacks a mind. If you have or have been around teenagers, you may have a better understanding of the zombie comparison and the following phrase “Where is your brain, have you lost your mind?”  

Describing people as zombies even if it is your teenager may seem a little absurd, but it highlights a very profound truth, that any mind outside of its own is ultimately inaccessible. You can’t know with any degree of certainty if your “black” is actually my “white,” even worse still, you have no idea at all whether I even have a mind. Unfortunately, much of what many people participate in all in the name of Christianity consists of mindlessly walking through the motions of various forms of religions, rituals, and other exercises. But acts of devotion, religious ceremonies, and forms of worship result in anything but good when the participant’s mind is somewhere else.

Jesus speaks to us in Matthew 22:37 saying that we are to love God “with all of our minds.”Of course, He addressed other aspects of our humanity with which we are to love God, but to love Him with “our mind” may seem a little odd, particularly when there are people who perceive their relationship with God to be an emotional or purely “spiritual” endeavor. Theoretically, Scripture often warns us to not only be “good churchgoers” who sing songs about eternal truths of God.  All the while thinking of the items left off the grocery list, or praying prayers while attempting to judge the motives of those around you, or listening to a sermon while considering where you will spend your vacation, or what household chores need to be done after church is over.

God wants your full attention when you approach your responsibilities as they relate to His plans for your life. We dare not allow our minds to drift as we get to worship and praise Him or whenever we are led to think of  His majesty.   The redemption of his Son, or the work of God’s Spirit in our lives.

The things of God require our full attention and when we fix our hearts and minds on those things, His powerful words penetrate our heart and mind exposing our every thought,  intentions, good and bad and our attitudes. God wants nothing less than the best for you, not only that He wishes to do great, meaningful and lasting things in and through our lives. However, everything begins with turning over our complete undivided attention to God.

Unfortunately, If we are unable to recognize our responsibility to completely engage our hearts and minds as we pursue God drawing near to Him, we will certainly miss the opportunity to learn what it means to love God. While His divine nature undoubtedly has several aspects which are well beyond our finite, level of comprehension. It is above all the “depths of  His riches, wisdom, and the very knowledge of God”  that demands our narrow minds become prostrate in respect and adoration of the incomprehensibility of our awesome God.

No matter if you find yourself in a study group, worship service or even a quiet stroll on the beach. You must be careful never to allow your brain to check out when you have the opportunity for uninterrupted connection and communication with God.

God’s Peace



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