Out of Bounds

Out_of_BoundsWhether it’s college or professional football, all is finally right with the world again. This is the season where Sundays become just as fun as Friday nights, and the beers, wings and pizza are limitless. The summer months filled with trips to the beach, music festivals, family, friends and barbecues will now be replaced by angry screams, trash talking and drunken Sundays. Regardless of whom you are, watching football is a great American pastime that has brought together families and friends for decades. However, many have begun to complain about all the penalties sucking the life out of the game, a violent product coupled with troubling off-field issues and the league grasping “brand” over all else. The proliferation of penalty flags makes it difficult to sit back and enjoy the games. It not only disrupts the flow, but until the ball is snapped for the next play, it’s become second nature to expect a flag. Continue reading “Out of Bounds”