Two Choices, One Way Out

two-paths1-300x199In June of 2013 two men who lived two very different lives both died on the same day. People around the country read, listened to and watched as reports of Richard Rameriz aka the Nightstalker went out over all media outlets announcing he had died. He was convicted of at least 13 murders he committed in the Los Angeles area, but authorities also believed him to be responsible for additional slayings from Orange County to San Francisco as well as numerous rapes, assaults and burglaries. Joseph Michael Sullivan was an American priest. There was no public announcement, no fanfare when he died or at his funeral there were no media retrospectives about his life or career. One man lived only for himself and the other lived to serve God. One experienced undeserved attention and notoriety, while the other lived in obscurity. One man’s life was marred by crime and violence while the other man’s life was a model of faithfulness. Continue reading “Two Choices, One Way Out”