In Search Of

man-searchingWe are all searching for something, people from all walks of life are at this very moment searching. Even you as you read this post you’re one of the many people searching for something. Some people are searching for a job, others for financial stability, or a way out amidst economic turmoil.  Others are searching for meaning, for purpose wondering if anything in life really matters, or if they matter. Many are searching for connection with other people, whether friendship, deepened intimacy, or someone to grow old with.  Many more are searching for a way out of something — a way out of trouble, or pain in all of its many forms, a way out of disappointment, regret, shame, anger, sadness, loss, anxiety and fear, you name there is a search on for it. We search for many things that aren’t really things at all, like more time, more relaxation, more confidence, more stimulation, less stimulation, more beauty, more happiness, information, knowledge, or skills. We search to understand, to make sense, to fix, to figure out, to achieve. Whew! All this searching is making me tired.

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