Burdens of Life

weight-of-the-world-2On July 15, 1960, in Los Angeles, California during his acceptance speech the then-Democratic Presidential nominee John F. Kennedy, said “We stand today on the edge of a new frontier … but the new frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises – it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intend to ask of them.”

Life is a continual set of challenges, problems, and annoyances. You may often believe if you could just deal with the immediate challenge that you are facing, all your problems would be over. But life is not designed like that. When you resolve one problem, others are already knocking on your door. Is there a person in this world past or present who has never felt the weight of a burden? Burdens are a part of life. If you ever come to the place of being completely burdened free, you will have reached Heaven. Until then expect burdens. The key to bearing burdens is in learning how to be rid of the unnecessary ones.

As I read today, I was reminded that the relatively minor challenges, problems, and hassles that I face are nothing compared to what the people of God have faced in the past, and still, face around the world today. The Bible is true to life. The psalmist faced pain and distress. Paul faced false accusation and the frustration of being kept in prison on trumped-up charges. The kings in the Old Testament faced battles and a massive building project challenge.

While God is always there to help and provides you the opportunities to be surrounded by others to shoulder the burdens of life, you have a duty to do your part of solving your problems and meeting your obligations. You need to take primary responsibility for your own life; this is one reason you have “Free Will.” Reliance upon God and help from others is not a substitute for lack of insight, industry, or ingenuity on your part. Besides most of the time if you are honest with yourself your burdens are of your own crafting. The key to bearing your own burdens is in learning how to be rid of the unnecessary ones. Some burdens are to be shed, some shared, while others are to be shouldered.

In Psalm 55:22 the Psalmist illustrates how to shed your burdens as he explains how the Lord invites us to cast [throw] our burdens on Him that He might sustain us. The word “burden” carries the idea of that which has been allotted. Therefore, whatever the situation and struggle in life we can go to God and ask for the grace necessary to handle that which God has allotted. The promise evidenced is not to save us from the burdens and blows of life, but to sustain us in them.

Paul in Galatians 6:1-2 talks about sharing the burdens when he calls the church to come alongside the hurting, the wounded, and the fallen and nurse them back to spiritual health and strength. There is to be compassion not condemnation. There is to be restoration, not rejection. We are not to bury our wounded but to come alongside them and share their burdens.

As you make your way through life, sometimes you will need to carry our own bags, you will need to take primary responsibility for your own life. Paul continues in Galatians 6:5 to remind Christians to bear his own load. Interestingly, this is the picture of the Roman Soldier carrying his backpack. In the normal course of life, the Christian is to lift their assigned gear. The Christian is someone who gladly does his or her part at home, church, work, within their community, simple anywhere they are. While God is always there to help, you must not allow the challenges of life to prevent you from carrying out the ministry God has given you.

There are no problems associated with life because life itself is the problem.

God’s Peace!

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One Response to Burdens of Life

  1. Douglas Kraeger says:

    I like to remember that I truly deserve hell and damnation for all eternity for my past sins of commission and omission and it is only by God’s mercy and grace that I have not already received that just punishment, but I also have hope that in His mercy, if I am truly sorry enough (and show true contrition by my actions and efforts to help others) I have hope of eternal happiness in heaven. In my efforts to understand how God wants me to try and help others, I have focused on various parts of scripture. One being, You do not receive because you pray wrongly, to spend it on your passions” and “for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit itself intercedes with inexpressible groanings” Romans 8:26, and “We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works”, Hebrews 10:24. along with many other passages. The net effect has lead me to try and offer help in reminding people of some basics of prayer that many know, but may have effectively forgotten by being replaced with many other thoughts, so that they are no longer praying for the essentials. I offer my result in the hope that it will help others remember and others will pass it along, make additions, or corrections. thank you for the post.
    A simple reminder of some things that all believers probably know, but might have stopped praying thus and would benefit from a friendly reminder and be thankful because they do believe God wants all believers to pray for these essential things, especially with their children. Yes, all ministers of all faiths should be reminding all of these aspects of proper prayer, some are doing so, but also, do not all laity also have an obligation to do all they can to help others remember to pray such?
    Will you make the small effort to pass this along in your circles of influence and they will hopefully decide to pass it along in their circles of influence…. in the charity that others may benefit from this simple reminder and some will offer additional thoughts and improvements and corrections? How can anyone honestly claim that they are doing all they can to try and help others if they refuse to offer this simple reminder, allowing others to decide for themselves, by God’s grace and mercy, which parts they should add to their prayer life?
    To bring God’s peace, share God’s peace, by His means. That is the Goal. To pray for everyone. To pray the way God wants everyone to pray.
    A question in two parts:
    Which parts of the following prayer do you believe, (or know with a certitude of faith), God desires and/or wills all parents to pray with their children from a young age so the children learn as early as possible to have the good habit of praying like this before they understand why it is so essential to a living, right faith and
    Is it possible that God will judge you as not doing all that you easily could do to offer help to others who He knows would benefit and He will hold you accountable for your lack of charity in “hiding HIS light under a bushel basket” or “burying HIS talents (gifts)” if you do not pass this entire prayer along to all in your circles of influence, as a simple reminder, so each can decide for themselves which parts, if any, they should add to their prayer life and perhaps suggest improvements in wording, or additional essential points, or possibly a correction?
    A suggested prayer:
    “Dear God because we can do no good without your mercy and grace, we cannot even maintain “our” good habits except by your grace and mercy,
    please deign to always give me, my family, friends, enemies, everyone:
    the graces to ask for the graces needed to believe in you, or to continue believing in you, and
    the graces to always seek all the questions that You want all to seek your answers to and the graces to want to know and believe all the truths that YOU want everyone to want to know and believe, especially believing all that you want all to believe concerning Jesus Christ and Mohammed
    the graces to honestly want to reject all that is contrary to your Truths based on verifiable evidence and sound reasoning,
    Please God, because you are infinite Goodness and Mercy, and we have no real merit on our own, all “our” goodness is really only your goodness passing through us in spite of our sins of commission and omission, please God give us the sequences of questions we need to find all the truths that You want all to know and believe by your grace,
    the graces to honestly want to stop all sinful acts (and omissions) or thoughts,
    the graces to seek the things that pertain to heaven, and
    the graces without which we become slaves even to our wants for the good things of this world, losing the ability and desire to say no to them, let alone saying no to the things that are harmful
    the graces to pray ever more perfectly, the graces to remember all the things we should remember and the graces to forget all that should be forgotten
    the graces needed to truly love all as you love all, willing good for them, willing them to be good, to be holy and doing all we can to help them choose to be holy,
    The graces to pray for each believer to pray the name that each believer believes is the Name You call yourself (ie, JESUS for Christians) for a pure act of God done in, and by the Name that YOU call Yourself, the Name of God, the NAME that must contain all that you ARE and your entire Divine Will, the name that must be Your essence because there can be no parts to God, You must be perfectly simple. What you are and what you think must be indivisible.
    And therefore we resolutely unite our prayer with your eternal prayer (thought) as you will your entire will be done by You praying your Name, in us, with us, for us, through us, through everyone (but especially through those who most perfectly unite their prayer with your prayer (will) for all), for everyone, for the Glory of your Name.
    (through St. Joseph as the Head of the Family IF Christians are correct in their belief that YOU have provided the verifiable evidence and logical reasoning to show by faith that Jesus Christ must be true God and True Man, The Son of God and therefore of the exact same infinite essence as God the Father, sharing everything infinitely with God the Father without loss of their identity (a mystery) and therefore, because He is eternally God, Jesus can have only one, single, infinite, indivisible, eternally in the present tense thought in which He wills everything all at once, including what He willed as an infant and child, perfectly honoring St. Joseph, in time and therefore eternally, as the head of the Family, Jesus eternally praying through Joseph as the head of the family, united as ONE with Mary, his helpmate, praying as such ).”
    A couple of simple questions relating to the prayer:
    1.0 How else can God see it if a believer knows of the above prayer and chooses not to will to essentially say it, other than that person believes they do not need God’s mercy and grace to persevere in doing the good things mentioned in the prayer (they can do it good enough for them by themselves). Or they believe they do not need to pray for help because they deserve it, God owes it to them or they do not want to do the good things mentioned in the prayer, they are deliberately turning their backs to God, or they do not accept the fact you must be perfectly simple and indivisible, and yet infinitely All-knowing, All-loving, and All-Powerful?
    2. Should not all believers encourage all other believers to “compel” their ministers to find and place on websites, their proposed sequences of questions that they believe God wants to give His answers to so as to lead all who honestly seek His answers, to that One Faith God wills all to have, and then peoples of all faiths can simply share “little slips of paper” with the web addresses that they each believe have the best sequences of questions and mutually say to each other, “I am confident that if you find God’s answer to these questions, you will be happy, God will be pleased and I will be happy, God be praised.”? If not, why not?
    3. Do you really believe that God is infinitely good, merciful and powerful enough to convert the whole world through His infinitely peaceful means and therefore all believers should be seeking HIS peaceful means that He wants us to find? Is it possible that this prayer and the slip of paper idea are among the steps of His final victory?


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