Christians Are Not Perfect

Today I saw what seems to be a popular bumper sticker among some Christians it reads “Christians are not perfect, just forgiven”. I began to think a moment and while this is true, Christianity should never be taken for granted or mistaken for a get out of jail free card. Unfortunately, it is Christians that are the excuse many non-Christians use for the reason they do not and will not follow Christ. It is the unbeliever’s that set the bar for Christians at the position of perfection. Nothing less will do for the unbeliever that explains why when a Christian stumbles the unbeliever is the first to yell “Hypocrite” and with an even louder voice denounce Christianity altogether. Continue reading “Christians Are Not Perfect”


Our Forsaken Reality

0Have you ever been forgotten?  I can remember when I was a little boy and I was waiting outside the school for my mother to come and pick me up.  We lived within walking distance, (all the kids did then) but I was too young to walk home by myself.   This one afternoon, I waited outside the school with the other kids to be picked up, as we normally did.  However, as all the other kids left for home, Mom was not there.  It started getting later and before long, I was alone.  It was beginning to drizzle and windy and cold, and like any normal 9 year old, I started to panic.  “Where was she?”   Continue reading “Our Forsaken Reality”

Stick to the Plan – HIS

We do not generally spend a lot of time talking about Judas, because he committed an unfathomable act of treachery. However, if we can step back for a second look, we may find a character who makes us squirm because he is just a bit too familiar. Before Judas betrayed Jesus, he was looking for a Messiah who would let him follow his own plans. How can someone who is in the presence of the Light fall so far from grace into darkness? Continue reading “Stick to the Plan – HIS”

A Profession without Practice

In nearly every church in America, pews fill with churchgoers who practice “religion” but they only do so on Sundays and before the pews are cold, before they leave the church grounds, they revert to their old ways of living, conforming to the ways of the world. So many professed Christians are consumed with their worldly possessions and future plans. Yet, they have no burden for lost sinners. Sadly, many do not care; they simply think that going to church on Sunday is enough. But is it? Worship is not done in the church; it is done on the mission field of life. That is it starts outside the door of the church when you return to the dusty roads of the world. That is where true worship begins; it starts in doing the Will of God allowing your life to witness to the worldly. Do not get me wrong these “church” people are legitimately good people. They carry and quote their bibles, they frequently attend church; regularly participate in tithes and offerings. They go on mission trips, they are legitimate “church members” yet, there is no tangible relationship with Jesus outside of the church doors and they have become very comfortable with their façade. Worse still, they are not producing any fruit whatsoever. Continue reading “A Profession without Practice”