Total Access

Sierra-Workforce-Solutions-Workplance-Security-AccessControl-e1389048310112We live in a world of access codes, security measures, digital barriers, and restricted use. We need ID cards to enter certain buildings, we need thumbprints to access our smartphones, we need passwords to retrieve particular computer files, and we need PIN numbers to get money from our bank accounts. We need security clearances to enter certain buildings and other restricted areas. Continue reading “Total Access”


Do “NOT” Fear “ME”

encounter-your-shadow-self-1The British philosopher, Bertrand Russell once said: “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are so certain of themselves and wiser people so full of doubts.” Most people reach a point in life where they are caught up trying to “figure out” who I am, why I’m here, and what MY life purpose is, yet rarely do we stop long enough to consider whether any of this really matters, to begin with. Perhaps the idea of MY “identity” or “finding MYSELF” hinders ME just as much as it helps ME. Perhaps it confines ME in more ways than it frees ME. Continue reading “Do “NOT” Fear “ME””

An Appointment to Keep

AppointmentI’m sure that your life, like mine, revolve around “keeping an eye on the time.”  Whether for personal or professional obligations, we can’t get away from our time obligations and the need to stay on schedule for fear of turning our whole world upside down.  Yet it continues to amaze me that I still must deal with people who seem to have no regard for, and place no value on, the importance of keeping appointments or who are perpetually late for everything. Continue reading “An Appointment to Keep”

When Feelings Contradict Reality

blogPicWhen we speak about reality, we are referring to that which we can objectively perceive through our senses. It is not our subjective interpretation. The difference can determine how we feel and it is essential to keep it in mind. Subjectivity is a perspective; it doesn’t create anything. We’re quite quick to declare that our thoughts create our environments, as if they didn’t exist beforehand, and give far higher power to the effects of our emotional states that exist. Therefore, when faced with a situation, what happens is not the same as how we may feel or think about it. Continue reading “When Feelings Contradict Reality”


panic-at-the-disco-skullsIt does not take an Einstein or even a social psychology researcher to tell us that people lie—and lie often. A prominent study found that people tell, on average, one or two lies every day most often to partners, family members, friends, and co-workers many of these untruths are categorized as little white lies that many would consider harmless. The fact is lying is common. People in business such as executives are no exception. Judging from a few studies executives regularly use unfavorable tactics to gain leverage during negotiations to obtain a better position often making statements that are technically true but are purposely skewed to mislead the other side. Roughly half of the people making business agreements will lie when they have a motive and the opportunity to do so. It is a distinct form of deception called paltering: the active use of truthful statements to influence a target’s beliefs by giving a false or distorted impression. Unfortunately, it is not just businesspeople who palter. There is a solid chance you have paltered at some time in your life. Deception is thus one of the intangibles that people must prepare for in life. Continue reading “WAKE UP!”


At some time in your life just as many of us, you have been disappointed. You’ve been misled, deceived, purposely or unconsciously. Many people have stood in disbelief at the remains of discarded promises that were made but never kept some to self some by others. We have all experienced broken promises, broken and even shattered dreams. Whether you were a kid, a young adult, during mid-life, or even in the later years of your life, we all have experienced shattered dreams. It may be the heartbreak of a divorce, perhaps your parents divorced when you were a child leaving your world devastated. For some, it may be the loss of a job or a home, or maybe failing health has been the cause of your dreams not coming to fruition. Continue reading “Shattered”

The Hearts of Men

the-hearts-of-men-and-women-age-differently-study-finds-495012-2Scientists say that energy from the sun transfers heat to the body through electromagnetic radiation in the form of photons. This radiation causes body temperature to increase. When your body temperature changes more than .5 degrees, your body reacts by being sleepy, grumpy, or tired. Your body is always working—whether it’s hot or cold outside —to maintain a body temperature somewhere in the range of 98.6 degrees. So, the hotter it is outside, the harder your body is working to maintain its temperature inside, your body is longing to be cool and that can be exhausting and very draining. Continue reading “The Hearts of Men”