Why Do We Wait?

People living in America spend a staggering 37 billion hours waiting in line every year, and for at least a portion of these hours, we do so voluntarily. It’s not uncommon to see lines for concerts, pop-up restaurants, and the latest tech gadgets snake around entrances, buildings, and even entire blocks. Yet as humans, we value our time. Long lines not only bore us, but they’re also stressful. So why do we always wait? The question of why we wait can be applied in many facets of life, it is indeed an interesting question. Continue reading “Why Do We Wait?”


Our Golden Passion

Each year around St. Patrick’s Day, people start thinking about rainbows and the pots of gold coins that lie at the end of them. If you capture him, you might be granted a wish or a few coins from his stash. If you want the whole pot of gold, you’ll need to find the end of a rainbow, because according to legend, that’s where the leprechauns bury their gold. Now, before you go chasing rainbows, or even something a bit more attainable like the moon, or a winning lottery ticket, uh, I’m sure you get the point. Continue reading “Our Golden Passion”

Will a Man Rob God? Yes! Just like Wells Fargo!

MEME2018-12-28-05-59-57-1I am one of the recent and unfortunate victims of an abuse of power and FRAUD carried out by Wells Fargo. When will it stop? I woke up Saturday morning to a text alert informing me of a significant withdrawal from my Wells Fargo savings account. Since I had not withdrawn or authorized a withdrawal for any reason, I thought this must be a mistake. I called the bank as soon as they opened. I won’t bore you with the details of the conversation and get right to it. I was robbed! Wells Fargo strikes again, apparently someone inside one of their branches authorized a wire transfer, WAIT! WHAT! Wire transfers need the owner of the account to sign documents approving the wire, and the approval to withdraw funds. How could this happen without my knowledge, authorization, signature and without a formal notification from Wells Fargo either before the transaction or after? Continue reading “Will a Man Rob God? Yes! Just like Wells Fargo!”

My Counterfeit Conscience

A lot has been said about the mind. We know our mind is a terrible thing to waste, we also see the mind can play tricks on us. Most of us have two voices in our head providing very different narratives that run through our mind. Both are small inner voices, and both can offer similar words. Sometimes it is evident – for example, there are counterfeit dollars, and then there are fake dollars. Open a board game if there is such a thing anymore, there’s really no question that the money in the famous Monopoly game is not real. It’s so apparent that a small orange $500 bill isn’t going to be accepted as payment anywhere on the planet. However, there is a chance you have held a counterfeit bill in your hand at some point in your life and not even realized it. The differences can be very subtle. So how can you tell? Continue reading “My Counterfeit Conscience”

When We Were Young

MyTree03When we’re young, friends are everything to us. For most of our childhood, whether we’re finding them, losing them, fighting with them, or playing with them, friends mean the world to us. Fast forward a few years and suddenly friends become background, supporting characters, not central to the plot we call life. In our twenties and thirties, life shifts to finding a partner, building a career, and raising children. Suddenly, in middle age, we wake up and wonder: Hey, wait a minute, whatever happened to, hey, where are all my friends? Continue reading “When We Were Young”

All I Need

Thumb-58In 1968 the American R&B/soul duo Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell recorded a hit song written by real-life couple Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson, it became one of the few Motown recordings of the 1960s that was not recorded with the familiar “Motown sound.” Instead, “You’re All I Need to Get By” had a more soulful and gospel-oriented theme surrounding it, wholly influenced by the writers, who at the time were sharing vocals in a New York City church choir. Ashford & Simpson later stated how hard the session was as Terrell was recovering from surgery on the malignant brain tumor that would ultimately cause her death less than three years later in March of 1970. Continue reading “All I Need”

Motivated by Time

stay_motivated_after_daylight_savingsLife expectancy is rising globally. Overall, trends in longevity have been going up, and average lifespan has inched upward since even the 1990s. For example, people who were born in 2016 will on average live seven years longer than those born 25 years ago. The average American today can expect to reach age 79, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Insurance companies have long used mortality calculators to set life insurance premiums, but more and more of these tools seem to be popping up online for anyone to use, thanks in part to the growing emphasis on self-management of retirement funds and new longevity research, which helps these calculators generate increasingly sophisticated results. In any given year, however, if you look at the longest-lived or the age at which the oldest person died, there may be considerable variation. There may be several years in which the maximum lifespan drops a bit and other years in which it jumps. Continue reading “Motivated by Time”