At some time in your life just as many of us, you have been disappointed. You’ve been misled, deceived, purposely or unconsciously. Many people have stood in disbelief at the remains of discarded promises that were made but never kept some to self some by others. We have all experienced broken promises, broken and even shattered dreams. Whether you were a kid, a young adult, during mid-life, or even in the later years of your life, we all have experienced shattered dreams. It may be the heartbreak of a divorce, perhaps your parents divorced when you were a child leaving your world devastated. For some, it may be the loss of a job or a home, or maybe failing health has been the cause of your dreams not coming to fruition. Continue reading “Shattered”


A Wounded Love

Have you ever felt like you just cannot connect with that special person in your life no matter how hard you try? You love them, and they love you, but for some reason, the relationship is just not going well?  Love is a profound word to some. I have oftentimes heard from people that it is not easy for them to say those three words “I love you” because it brings a different intensity into the otherwise under defined relationship. Life is to be enjoyed, Love is a natural wonderful feeling but it is so powerful that it can also cause pain. I sometimes feel love is something that we have told ourselves we need to do through some romanticized lens. Perhaps this is our coping mechanism to deal with the kind of pain it inflicts. Continue reading “A Wounded Love”

An Illogical Process A.K.A. Forgiveness

Do you remember the last time someone really hurt you?  Maybe someone did something cruel to you when you were a child or maybe it was more recent even today that someone did something to hurt you. If you were to make a list of people that have caused you pain who would make your list? Members of your family? Your spouse? One of your parents? Your children? The person at work? A close friend – better labeled “former friend.” Do you find yourself still harboring the pain they caused you? I often speak with people who have spent years in bondage because they were unable or unwilling to forgive someone. You have probably heard the saying “forgive and forget,” but to someone who is upset or hurt after a challenging period in a relationship, a friendship or even a marriage, this is often easier said than done. Continue reading “An Illogical Process A.K.A. Forgiveness”

When Will You Be Satisfied

310782_10151611520671718_2121059651_nThis may seem like a strange question especially when everyone is not satisfied by the same thing, or are they. It has often been said that true satisfaction can only be found within, and you already possess the power to be satisfied. However, when life does not go as you planned and problems continue to mount, No one could honestly blame you for feeling frustrated. It gets extremely hard for even the best of us to stay appreciative, satisfied or even content with our circumstances. Millions of people deal with financial, emotional, and physical problems, and after being beaten down by life itself on a daily basis; it is completely understandable that to look above it all and still be satisfied, content, and appreciate who you are, and your position in life, is very difficult to do. Continue reading “When Will You Be Satisfied”

Our Children at Christmas

Christmas%20Eve%20Family%20ImageRemember the excitement of Christmas Eve as children when we couldn’t get to sleep, because we were awaiting the arrival of Santa-Claus. We were told that “He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake”. During this time of year I am always reminded of the time just before Christmas vacation I was in the 3rd grade everyone in my class was excited about Christmas. One of my friends learned of a classmate, who believed in Santa-Claus. My friend began to tease our classmate so bad that she literally ran out of the class screaming and crying. What kind of parent would you be if you didn’t comfort your child after such a traumatic experience, not a very good one I suspect. But would you be considered a good parent if you would say, don’t listen to them of course Santa exists; I always tell you the truth. What would God think about your choice of comfort? Continue reading “Our Children at Christmas”

Let The Battle Begin!!!

Just imagine how having the knowledge of certain victory would change the attitude of professional athletes. They would always do their best taking their bumps and bruises never being discouraged because they would know they were already victorious and nothing they experienced during the game could ever change that fact. Unfortunately, those types of certainties don’t happen in this world, at least not honestly, not in our physical realm.  However, things are NOT uncertain in God’s Kingdom! Continue reading “Let The Battle Begin!!!”

Our Elusive Attribute

One day in 1976 Former NBC news anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News Tom Brokaw who is now a special correspondent for NBC was wandering through Bloomingdale’s in New York, shortly after he was promoted to co-host of the Today Show. Brokaw worked hard for years, and now to be the co-host of the Today Show was almost beyond his wildest dreams. He was feeling pretty good about himself. As he shopped, he noticed a man watching him and thought to himself, “Oh God, that man recognizes me. He is probably going to ask me for my autograph” Continue reading “Our Elusive Attribute”