Two Choices, One Way Out

two-paths1-300x199In June of 2013 two men who lived two very different lives both died on the same day. People around the country read, listened to and watched as reports of Richard Rameriz aka the Nightstalker went out over all media outlets announcing he had died. He was convicted of at least 13 murders he committed in the Los Angeles area, but authorities also believed him to be responsible for additional slayings from Orange County to San Francisco as well as numerous rapes, assaults and burglaries. Joseph Michael Sullivan was an American priest. There was no public announcement, no fanfare when he died or at his funeral there were no media retrospectives about his life or career. One man lived only for himself and the other lived to serve God. One experienced undeserved attention and notoriety, while the other lived in obscurity. One man’s life was marred by crime and violence while the other man’s life was a model of faithfulness. Continue reading

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Out of Bounds

Out_of_BoundsWhether it’s college or professional football, all is finally right with the world again. This is the season where Sundays become just as fun as Friday nights, and the beers, wings and pizza are limitless. The summer months filled with trips to the beach, music festivals, family, friends and barbecues will now be replaced by angry screams, trash talking and drunken Sundays. Regardless of whom you are, watching football is a great American pastime that has brought together families and friends for decades. However, many have begun to complain about all the penalties sucking the life out of the game, a violent product coupled with troubling off-field issues and the league grasping “brand” over all else. The proliferation of penalty flags makes it difficult to sit back and enjoy the games. It not only disrupts the flow, but until the ball is snapped for the next play, it’s become second nature to expect a flag. Continue reading

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Perfect1There is a measure for everything in the world, everything but perfection. Perfection is one of those words much like the word Love we tend to use too loosely until it loses the true meaning. There is a measure for everything in the world, but perfection. We look at something we admire a great deal (perhaps a splendid work of art) and call it perfection. A pitcher throws what is known in baseball as a “perfect game” it means no one gets on base, no hits and no runs have been recorded, but is that true perfection? Is there such a thing as the perfect wine to go with a meal? Continue reading

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SIN-IN-GOD OUTMany of us were taught at an early age to respond affirmatively to what is determined to be right. As a result over time, we develop a particular sensitivity concerning whatever has been determined to be wrong. This discipline or conditioning regarding what is right and what is wrong trains us and gives us our moral inclination and our mental sensitivity or conscience.  As we continue to mature and learn from the circumstances of life, we formulate our own moral paths.   The conditions of life and other experiences help shape our moral characters.  An ideal character is one trained to be affected–pained even annoyed by those things considered wrong.  Continue reading

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focusIt takes time to build a relationship, whether it’s with a friend, your spouse, or your son or daughter. We’ve heard the term “honeymoon phase” used to describe the earliest moments in a relationship, when passion, intensity, desire and the electric spark of the relationship is the most intense. But over time, the intensity of these feelings begins to die down, sometimes to the point where we start to relate to our partner as a casual friend or roommate. Many would say it is impossible to hold the level of intensity in any relationship the way it exists in its honeymoon phase. Continue reading

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healthMany people seemingly have little or no regard for material possessions. While the rest of us are driven by four words, bigger, better, faster, and more. These words drive our lives, our schedules, our relationships, and even our souls. Those words also define and shape the world that many of us live in.

Behind this fast-paced lifestyle is an unconscious belief system that we can do it all, be it all, and have it all. In the workplace, schools, and in our homes, we’re always feeling pushed to be everything, do everything and have everything. As a result, we live in a continual state of fatigue and depleted relationships. I’m a goal-oriented person I always have my eye on a goal, whether it’s writing a book, exercising daily, improving my blog, waking early, losing weight, or one of a dozen other goals I’ve set for myself in the past few years. And once I’ve achieved a goal, I immediately begin looking for another. Continue reading

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Life is Not a Destination…

life-is1Life is also not a journey this misconception has become so much a part of our cultural tradition that we forget it’s nothing more than a metaphor. Usually one offered up to offset our overemphasis on goals and targets and to get to the finish line. The idea is that we become so obsessed with where we’re headed that we don’t notice where we are in the moment. So, to have more fulfilling lives, we’re supposed to stop and smell the roses along the way. So, then what is this thing called life, well if we subscribe to the thinking of one Mr. Alan Watts a renowned British philosopher who some believe had a knack for analyzing and understanding life. Mr. Watts says life is not just about the end journey in fact he contends that our lives should be treated more as a musical composition, with lifts, drops, and improvised beauty in between, because otherwise, the best conductors in the world would be those who played the fastest to arrive at the end the soonest. Instead, it’s inherently playful and creative in and of itself. Continue reading

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