The Quest

life-changingThe quest for peace and contentment is at the core and purpose of human existence. We yearn to experience a level of inner emotional, mental, and spiritual balance that will literally result in us achieving peace and contentment – not just the idea or illusion of it. Every morning when you wake up and get out of bed, you have a choice as to how you approach the day. You can either be sour and grumpy, or grateful and thankful. In our daily lives, we often rush through tasks, trying to get them done, trying to finish as much as we can each day, speeding along through life in our cars to our next destination, rushing around to do what we need to do, and always speeding off to our next destination. Continue reading “The Quest”


Millennial Departure

exitToday I ran across an article written by a young millennial who was sharing why so many people particularity millennials are giving up on church and the idea of church. This should not be news or a shock to anyone paying attention these days since for many the church has become nothing more than a checkbox of rules and regulations, in short, a waste of time. Millennials value being heard and receptivity. When our churches make them the topic of conversations and sermons instead of including them in the discussion it screams nobody cares what they think. Continue reading “Millennial Departure”


ht#MeToo – Me too was just two words; it’s two magic words that galvanized the world,” Tarana Burke said during a roundtable at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles. The activist began using the phrase “me too” more than ten years ago, and her movement gained international momentum, spearheaded by social media activity and riding on outrage over Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse toward women long perpetrated with impunity.”Whether it’s work on sexual assaults on college campuses or awareness of child abuse, work on sexual harassment, we need to elevate this conversation to action,” I absolutely love her tenacity towards the need to elevate the conversation, to take the words “MeToo” and make them more than a catchphrase more than a hashtag trend but a call for action, for accountability. Continue reading “#JESUS”

Distracted Living

distractionsConsidering all that’s going on in the world today, you may not hear much about the crisis of “distracted living.” Where living in a perpetual state of distraction, you miss out on most of your life because you generally aren’t paying attention, or your attention is so divided, torn in so many directions that you don’t focus on anything.  Let’s face it Google is making us stupid, multitasking is draining our souls, and the current generation is leading us into a dark age of bookless, mindless, power browsing. All those e-mails and social media notifications, casual internet browsing, schedules overloaded with meetings and appointments, result in missed dinners, neglected dates, and forgotten birthdays, and the list goes on and on. Embracing the Internet as the hub of our work, play, and commerce has been the intellectual equivalent to adopting fructose as the center of our national diet, and we’ve all become mentally obese. Continue reading “Distracted Living”

Hype for Hope

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFeeling like you don’t fit in can be an uncomfortable experience, but it seems magnified when it happens at places where you believe you should fit, you want to fit, you almost need to fit, places like hanging with close friends or family gatherings. Has that ever been you, or perhaps someone you know has felt like the odd one out around family members, close friends, or even at a church service? Does it sometimes seem like everyone else in the place is on an emotional high experiencing some euphoria while you’ve been left behind? Has this ever happened to you in your worship service? Continue reading “Hype for Hope”

The Cost of Following

Leaders vs followers illustrativeHave you ever felt out of control? A better question do you believe you were ever in control? It may seem to you that you are in control of your thoughts and behavior but what if instead of you controlling your thoughts, your thoughts controlled you. Most experts in the field of social psychology uh oh there’s that word again “expert” is anyone truly an expert in anything, I mean really, but I digress. Research shows we do not have as much control over our thoughts and behavior as we believe we do. We take many cues from our environment, especially other people, on how to act, what to think, etc. It is believed that one reason for our behavior is that we live in a very complex world and this is one of the reasons many of us enjoy being with others who share similar beliefs. Continue reading “The Cost of Following”

The Life I Never Had

Life I Never HadAs I was cleaning up my garage today, I found myself becoming emotional at times. As I open each box, I remember the way life used to be, my life — the interests I used to enjoy, the things I used to do. Skimming through pictures and other keepsakes, I am again reminded that the life I’m living now isn’t the one I thought I’d have at this stage of my existence. Nothing is remotely close to being what I had planned. Continue reading “The Life I Never Had”