A Game of Inches

83892173 (1)“Football is a game of inches and inches make the champion” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.,

It was October 2012, and the New York Giants were playing the Dallas Cowboys with Dallas trailing and only seconds remaining in the game. When suddenly Dez Bryant caught a game-winning touchdown from Tony Romo to cap an amazing Cowboys comeback. But upon further review, the replay showed Bryant’s hand was out of bounds at the back of the end zone by one inch, and Dallas lost. One inch. One inch gave the Giants a huge 2.5-game lead in the NFC East. Football like Life is a game of inches. Baseball could also be a game of inches. Miss the strike zone by an inch, hit a line drive down the line just foul by an inch, missing a homerun and the game changes. In fact, most sports, most things in life when you think about it can be defined by inches. Continue reading

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How Long?

How-longI have been watching and listening over the past several weeks as some of the most influential people in the entertainment industry began their descent down from the mountaintops built in their minds. These people, their sins are no anomaly, their acts are no accident, no addictions, no mistakes, but they are all caught up in, and are willing to buy, and keep buying the lies. All of this sin is but the natural result of a world that is untethered like a balloon from the absolute truth of God. Continue reading

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Is God on Your To Do List?

Today AgendaLast night after an enjoyable evening with our weekly small group I arrived home and began preparing for bed. I showered, brushed my teeth all the normal bedtime activities before laying down to rest, then it hit me, I suddenly realized a very crucial fact: I had not made time for God during my day. Sure, I attended and participated in small group, maybe I said a prayer, perhaps I read a bible verse or two, but that intentional, uninterrupted time with God didn’t happen, not today, I just didn’t make the time. So, I lay there, and I try to convince myself that I was just a bit busier during the day than most days and time just got away from me. The truth is, everyone is busy, we are all busy with the things that we prioritize. At the end of such a day, we can tell ourselves that we know that time with God is essential, but there are other important things too. Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency Break Glass

BreakGlassSeveral years ago, I recall reading a story about a young woman in Florida who walked into the local McDonald’s and ordered a 10 Piece Chicken McNugget Meal. As the story goes this woman stood waiting her turn in line for a brief time before reaching the counter to place her order. Once at the counter the polite employee took her order repeated it while taking her money and providing change to the young woman. The employee then turned to check on the order before waiting on the next guest, but when the employee turned around he had to tell her that they had just run out of McNuggets, however she could select another meal from the menu and the restaurant would absorb any extra costs, but the woman refused and demanded her money back. It was McNuggets or nothing! The employee again apologized, repeated the alternative, and explained all sales where final. Not a very happy customer the woman pulled out her cell phone to dial 911, not once, or twice, no she did it three times.  After all, not receiving exactly what you want, when you want it, is an emergency, isn’t it? Continue reading

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In Search Of

man-searchingWe are all searching for something, people from all walks of life are at this very moment searching. Even you as you read this post you’re one of the many people searching for something. Some people are searching for a job, others for financial stability, or a way out amidst economic turmoil.  Others are searching for meaning, for purpose wondering if anything in life really matters, or if they matter. Many are searching for connection with other people, whether friendship, deepened intimacy, or someone to grow old with.  Many more are searching for a way out of something — a way out of trouble, or pain in all of its many forms, a way out of disappointment, regret, shame, anger, sadness, loss, anxiety and fear, you name there is a search on for it. We search for many things that aren’t really things at all, like more time, more relaxation, more confidence, more stimulation, less stimulation, more beauty, more happiness, information, knowledge, or skills. We search to understand, to make sense, to fix, to figure out, to achieve. Whew! All this searching is making me tired.

Continue reading

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WreckI recently browsed a very interesting article online via MSN titled “How weather has changed the world”. As I read I was reminded of events such as the devastating blow dealt to New Orleans compliments of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I also learned of sinkholes appearing all over the Dead Sea where the water has evaporated due to high temperatures and drought and if it continues to dry out at the current rate, some experts estimate that it could be completely dry by 2050. I thought about the Dodge Ram Truck commercial that shows a couple enjoying the sounds of “California Souls” while driving through the “tunnel tree” located in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California, and how that giant sequoia no longer stands after more than one thousand years because in 2017 when one of the worst storms of more than a decade came along it felled the giant tree. As I write this post there is a hurricane which has been named “Hurricane Harvey” moving into the Texas Coast area. Our National Weather Service in Houston announced the impact could leave wide bands of South Texas “uninhabitable for weeks or months”. Continue reading

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Two Choices, One Way Out

two-paths1-300x199In June of 2013 two men who lived two very different lives both died on the same day. People around the country read, listened to and watched as reports of Richard Rameriz aka the Nightstalker went out over all media outlets announcing he had died. He was convicted of at least 13 murders he committed in the Los Angeles area, but authorities also believed him to be responsible for additional slayings from Orange County to San Francisco as well as numerous rapes, assaults and burglaries. Joseph Michael Sullivan was an American priest. There was no public announcement, no fanfare when he died or at his funeral there were no media retrospectives about his life or career. One man lived only for himself and the other lived to serve God. One experienced undeserved attention and notoriety, while the other lived in obscurity. One man’s life was marred by crime and violence while the other man’s life was a model of faithfulness. Continue reading

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