imivjsv3wvw5pp2nvmhuSleepwalking is a behavior disorder that originates during deep sleep and results in walking or performing other complex behaviors while asleep. Sleepwalking will typically involve more than just walking during sleep; it is a series of complex actions performed while sleeping. Because a sleepwalker usually remains in a deep sleep throughout the entire episode, he or she may be difficult to awaken and will probably not remember the sleepwalking incident. It is a common misconception that a sleepwalker should not be awakened. It can be quite dangerous not to wake a sleepwalker. What a striking metaphor, the state of heathenism or imperfect Christianity, is like the stupor of sleep. Continue reading “Sleepwalking”


The Delusion of Mediocrity

Do you ever feel as though you’re stuck in a Spiritual rut? You have your quiet times when you read your Bible, you spend time praying and talking with God, you regularly attend church, you talk with other believers, and you even share your faith with others. But despite all that, your life doesn’t change, nor do the lives of those around you. What is the reason for this stagnation? One of the greatest dangers Christians face today is that we become excessively distracted, rushed, and preoccupied until we have no time for anything as a result we will eventually settle when it comes to Christ.  Unfortunately, too many believers have fallen into the hurry trap and are now living mediocre Christian lives.  Jesus was often busy but was never in a hurry.  He never lost the life giving connection with the Father. Continue reading “The Delusion of Mediocrity”