Hope The Only Antidote to Life

When was the last time you looked through the keyhole of life, what did you see, perhaps a world lost without hope? Many of us have been around awhile having most likely seen many things the world has to offers us. You know things like being in the midst of a rough marriage, a health crisis, a job loss, financial difficulties, or some addiction all courtesy of this beautiful world in which we live. Most of us grew up and were educated with lessons of right from wrong because the adults in our life did their best teaching us while at the same time instilling an all-important moral compass in us, but as we grew up, we often saw the exact opposite. Confusion creeps in when we see the world positively acknowledging attitudes and approving the very behaviors, we learned all our lives are wrong. Continue reading “Hope The Only Antidote to Life”


Storms of Peace

We live in a very superficial society, surrounded by a broken world where all the things the world values are empty.  The world where character and substance can only be shaped in the cauldron of adversity.   It is only through our discomfort caused by a variety of situations in life that triggers our reality, abruptly awakening our lifeless conscious making us sensitive to our need for help, the need for something more, something bigger than ourselves.  It is not my intention to be the bearer of bad news. However, the reality is your life will never be completely trouble-free. We’ve all had days some of us maybe even years when life just doesn’t seem to be going our way when it all comes crashing down – it happens to each one of us, you are never prepared, and you have no clue where to turn. Continue reading “Storms of Peace”

An Issue of Trust

Stabbed in The BackOver the years, I have had the opportunity to observe life through the eyes of those around me, and over time, it has become obvious that in every life, there is bound to be situations we cannot handle. Nevertheless, we turn to friends or family, and unfortunately, their flaws and imperfections keep them from being a reliable source of help or comfort. Oftentimes it is their insecurities and fears causing them to be unsympathetic when we desperately need guidance or advice. As people, we all make mistakes and often let one another down. It should not be hard to understand why placing trust in another person takes a great deal of courage, especially when the world suddenly turns against us and we find those closest to us seemingly distancing themselves from us. Continue reading “An Issue of Trust”

Lose Control

“You are the author of your life!” The auditorium was at capacity to listen to a well-known motivational speaker, and the message was, “Take charge of your life now, and move from being a victim of life and become a creator. “When I was in school, I remember thinking: I’m in total control of my life and my destiny is in my hands. I know by getting a good education coupled with hard work, I can do anything. I control whom I will marry, where I live, what I do. My life is in my control.  These thoughts are normal for most people.  Most people like to think they’re in control, especially when it comes to being in control of their lives, their future, and their peace. But control is an illusion. We can absolutely affect some aspects of our lives, our choices in life will certainly have an impact in that they will affect what happens to us. Continue reading “Lose Control”

Christians Are Not Perfect

Today I saw what seems to be a popular bumper sticker among some Christians it reads “Christians are not perfect, just forgiven”. I began to think a moment and while this is true, Christianity should never be taken for granted or mistaken for a get out of jail free card. Unfortunately, it is Christians that are the excuse many non-Christians use for the reason they do not and will not follow Christ. It is the unbeliever’s that set the bar for Christians at the position of perfection. Nothing less will do for the unbeliever that explains why when a Christian stumbles the unbeliever is the first to yell “Hypocrite” and with an even louder voice denounce Christianity altogether. Continue reading “Christians Are Not Perfect”

Beyond Positive Thinking

6a00d83453f5b369e20120a5992925970bYou would probably agree when I say there is certainly no shortage of popular books on positive thinking available today. Not surprising, considering I’ve met only a few people in my life who don’t want to change something about who they are, or their circumstances. However, for many of us there is one nagging reason that keeps us from moving ahead in life, it is our thoughts. Those seemingly insignificant sentences that pass through the mind, greatly influencing everything we say and do. From our thoughts, we hear messages that can propel us toward great accomplishments and positive change… or drag us into a negative spiral. Continue reading “Beyond Positive Thinking”

The Faith To Live

We learn through science that although we have no sense of motion at this very moment even as you are reading this entry the earth is spinning at a rate of more than 1000 miles per hour. While the earth is yet spinning it is simultaneously rotating around the sun at an approximate speed of 66, 0000 miles per hour. The earth is moving at an incredible rate of speed rotating and spinning in which we do not witness nor do we recognize it to be so. Yet we accept by faith that it is nevertheless true. Continue reading “The Faith To Live”