focusIt takes time to build a relationship, whether it’s with a friend, your spouse, or your son or daughter. We’ve heard the term “honeymoon phase” used to describe the earliest moments in a relationship, when passion, intensity, desire and the electric spark of the relationship is the most intense. But over time, the intensity of these feelings begins to die down, sometimes to the point where we start to relate to our partner as a casual friend or roommate. Many would say it is impossible to hold the level of intensity in any relationship the way it exists in its honeymoon phase. Continue reading “Focus”


New Year, New Focus, Try God

It has been nearly 3 days since the calendar changed and another 365 individual days have officially completed their 12 month journey through time on the way to a complete year. This changing of the year from one to the next for some reason provides people cause to celebrate, reflect, and let’s not forget to make the ever popular New Year’s resolution. One would only need to look as far as their lifeline otherwise known as the cell phone with a variety of apps all ready to help you with keeping that all-important New Year Resolution. Continue reading “New Year, New Focus, Try God”