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As The World Turns

As adults, we have had to learn the hard way through societal interaction and experience that not everyone is nice and caring, nor do they have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, this is a hard fact. There are people … Continue reading

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Acceptance the Path to Self-Forgiveness

Every human being is born with the propensity for wrongdoing. We all lose our temper, lie, cheat, and in some form or fashion steal, some even kill, be it physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.  This predisposition for trouble is a … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Know What

One of the most difficult issues in the world is the issue of suffering. Most everyone has probably asked at one time or another: “Why is there suffering – and if God is good, and if God is powerful, then … Continue reading

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An Illogical Process A.K.A. Forgiveness

Do you remember the last time someone really hurt you?  Maybe someone did something cruel to you when you were a child or maybe it was more recent even today that someone did something to hurt you. If you were … Continue reading

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Forgiveness can be a real struggle because genuine forgiveness comes even when repentance is not expressed.  That can make our ability to forgive someone a very difficult task. Forgiveness is often a daily exercise and can be one of the … Continue reading

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