As The World Turns

170512_WorldTurns_RamirezAs adults, we have had to learn the hard way through societal interaction and experience that not everyone is nice and caring, nor do they have our best interests at heart. Unfortunately, this is a hard fact. There are people who would be inclined to climb on and over our dead body if there was something in it for themselves. Continue reading “As The World Turns”


Acceptance the Path to Self-Forgiveness

Every human being is born with the propensity for wrongdoing. We all lose our temper, lie, cheat, and in some form or fashion steal, some even kill, be it physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally.  This predisposition for trouble is a universal problem; no one is exempt it is systemic to all of mankind. Continue reading “Acceptance the Path to Self-Forgiveness”

Why You Need to Know What

One of the most difficult issues in the world is the issue of suffering. Most everyone has probably asked at one time or another: “Why is there suffering – and if God is good, and if God is powerful, then how can there be such evil and suffering in the world?”

This is a very big question that really warrants a much longer answer, but here is part of that answer in a nutshell: The issue for us is that this world is not what God originally created. When Adam and Eve sinned, the world became a fallen place where evil reigned. And this fallen state continues today. Continue reading “Why You Need to Know What”

An Illogical Process A.K.A. Forgiveness

Do you remember the last time someone really hurt you?  Maybe someone did something cruel to you when you were a child or maybe it was more recent even today that someone did something to hurt you. If you were to make a list of people that have caused you pain who would make your list? Members of your family? Your spouse? One of your parents? Your children? The person at work? A close friend – better labeled “former friend.” Do you find yourself still harboring the pain they caused you? I often speak with people who have spent years in bondage because they were unable or unwilling to forgive someone. You have probably heard the saying “forgive and forget,” but to someone who is upset or hurt after a challenging period in a relationship, a friendship or even a marriage, this is often easier said than done. Continue reading “An Illogical Process A.K.A. Forgiveness”


Forgiveness1Forgiveness can be a real struggle because genuine forgiveness comes even when repentance is not expressed.  That can make our ability to forgive someone a very difficult task. Forgiveness is often a daily exercise and can be one of the hardest things in life to do, forgiveness allows us to let go of any loathing and bitterness that we could still be holding toward one another. To be the one forgiven on the other hand most of the time is a wonderful feeling, however it can also be a terrifying adventure. Forgiveness is very serious business, because it requires the shedding of blood. Forgiveness is not some cheap, throwaway declaration: “Oh, that’s okay…I forgive you.” In addition, it is not to be taken lightly; it is a transaction immersed in blood every time it takes place. Continue reading “Forgiveness”