focusIt takes time to build a relationship, whether it’s with a friend, your spouse, or your son or daughter. We’ve heard the term “honeymoon phase” used to describe the earliest moments in a relationship, when passion, intensity, desire and the electric spark of the relationship is the most intense. But over time, the intensity of these feelings begins to die down, sometimes to the point where we start to relate to our partner as a casual friend or roommate. Many would say it is impossible to hold the level of intensity in any relationship the way it exists in its honeymoon phase. Continue reading “Focus”


Who Are Your Friends?

friends2As human beings, we were created to form relationships with others, so it should come as no surprise that we all want to be liked and accepted. We feel better about ourselves when others respect us and seek out our company. It is unfortunate that we all begin life as selfish, prideful people, wishing the world would revolve around us—what we want and need, what we think is right, and what we hope will happen. Some people crave approval from others so much that they’re willing to do anything to get it. Continue reading “Who Are Your Friends?”

A Real Friend

BFFIt is certainly safe to say that most, if not all of us value our friends, and know how important it is to have friends in our lives we can depend on. We may all also agree, friends should add to our happiness and give us comfort when things are going wrong. I am also fairly certain some of us can name at least one person, someone special we consider our “best friend,” maybe even our “best friend forever” the one person we can turn to when the going gets really tough no matter what, the one person who will not judge us, the one person we know will be there when we are not sure anyone else will understand or be there for us. Continue reading “A Real Friend”

The Inner Circle of God

Most of us have friends, some are considered closer than others, but do you have an inner circle of friends if so what qualifies the person to be in your inner circle other than familiarity? Is it your best friend, someone at work, people in your neighborhood, somebody you grew up with, the people you socialize with, someone at the gym or maybe even, somebody you met at church?  Can you even name the people you consider in your inner circle?  How many would you say are in the close-knit circle you have what do you talk about when you are together? Would you say the conversation is about people, places, events, ideas, or just stuff? You may have heard it said, Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people and make up stuff.

Continue reading “The Inner Circle of God”