STOP the Madness! There Will Be No Embrace

The then known world rejoiced when He was crucified. Tomorrow December 25, Christmas, the day selected to celebrate His birth, the world once again will rejoice not because “the Savior reigns,” but because Jesus continues to be marginalized on the day many of His followers chose to celebrate His Birth. As followers of Jesus, we must stop fighting for Him to be recognized or regarded. We must not fight over things, titles, power, position or prestige, as followers we have no need for preeminence, popularity or to be rewarded by the world or the things of it. Continue reading “STOP the Madness! There Will Be No Embrace”


A God Like Perspective in Times of Disappointment

It is a fact at times life can be difficult for many, but being a Christian in a non-Christian world presents an entire different set problems.  First of all the world has no desire to foster a relationship with Jesus.  The world does not know Him.  The world does not understand why He came.  The world does not love Him. You, on the other hand, do know Jesus.  You do love Him.  And, you do understand why He came.  He came to save you from your sins, He came that you would have a new life. He came to bring you joy and peace. He came so you would have the opportunity to fellowship with God. Continue reading “A God Like Perspective in Times of Disappointment”

Christians Are Not Perfect

Today I saw what seems to be a popular bumper sticker among some Christians it reads “Christians are not perfect, just forgiven”. I began to think a moment and while this is true, Christianity should never be taken for granted or mistaken for a get out of jail free card. Unfortunately, it is Christians that are the excuse many non-Christians use for the reason they do not and will not follow Christ. It is the unbeliever’s that set the bar for Christians at the position of perfection. Nothing less will do for the unbeliever that explains why when a Christian stumbles the unbeliever is the first to yell “Hypocrite” and with an even louder voice denounce Christianity altogether. Continue reading “Christians Are Not Perfect”

Why Operate on “E”

Most people enjoy a good bargain especially when the deal is on something they really need. Have you ever rushed to the store, or onto the internet only to find the item you want to purchase is already sold out? Maybe it wasn’t that at all, perhaps it was during your weekly trip to the grocery store and as you turned onto the aisle you observed a fellow shopper pick up and place in their basket the last bottle of laundry detergent and when you arrive the shelves are totally empty. Maybe it was that time when you were on “E” and sputtered into the gas station to fill-up just as you ran out of gas only to discover they are closed because the gas station is out of gas. It is frustrating indeed to see that there’s nothing left for you especially when you really need it. Continue reading “Why Operate on “E””

Stop Enduring Life, Start Living Joyful

I had just begun praying today when I really started to think about the goodness of God. I thought to myself how often I hear people repeat the phrase “God is good all the time” and “all the time God is good” I couldn’t help but wonder if we actually realize how very true these words really are. As I continued praying I began thanking God for the many blessings He gives me every moment of every day, things I could never earn, things money can’t buy, and the world can’t provide.  There are many people today living their lives in a constant state of stress and turmoil. But as Christians, although we reside in a world full of never-ending chaos while being constantly surrounded by people who seem to be at their best operating comfortable in the very state of the world confusion, as God’s children we don’t have to live that way. While we are certainly in the world, we are not of the world.
Continue reading “Stop Enduring Life, Start Living Joyful”

Reflecting on Grace

I was sitting today waiting on my car to be repaired and I begin thinking of all the times I had tried to run from God, always hiding thinking I was ducking and dodging Him by not attending worship services, bible studies, not reading His word. I was so tangled up in sin, so caught up in the glitter, glamour and gold of the world I simply stopped talking to God about anything. I thought maybe if I could just hide among the crowd and although He would see me there, He wouldn’t really pay any attention to me, I’d simply blend in fading into the background. In the midst of my mounting life problems instead of running to God I ran away from Him. Continue reading “Reflecting on Grace”

Feeling Let Down


How many times have you heard the phrase, “I’ll never let you down?” I’ve heard these words countless times in movies, in love songs, and even in my own personal relationships. I’ve also been the one to speak these words to others with every intention of living up to the promise of not letting them down. Unfortunately it’s a very unpleasant fact of life as people we all fail when making this promise and soon find it is all but impossible to keep. We have all felt let down by other people at some point in our lives, be it a friend, family member, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, whoever we can always count on disappointing or being disappointed.  Most people don’t mean to let you down, however, there are those select few people who intentionally set out with a mission to let others down. Nevertheless, it is inevitable if we live long enough we will eventually be let down or let someone else down we all have to deal with disappointment. Continue reading “Feeling Let Down”