Life is Not a Destination…

life-is1Life is also not a journey this misconception has become so much a part of our cultural tradition that we forget it’s nothing more than a metaphor. Usually one offered up to offset our overemphasis on goals and targets and to get to the finish line. The idea is that we become so obsessed with where we’re headed that we don’t notice where we are in the moment. So, to have more fulfilling lives, we’re supposed to stop and smell the roses along the way. So, then what is this thing called life, well if we subscribe to the thinking of one Mr. Alan Watts a renowned British philosopher who some believe had a knack for analyzing and understanding life. Mr. Watts says life is not just about the end journey in fact he contends that our lives should be treated more as a musical composition, with lifts, drops, and improvised beauty in between, because otherwise, the best conductors in the world would be those who played the fastest to arrive at the end the soonest. Instead, it’s inherently playful and creative in and of itself. Continue reading “Life is Not a Destination…”


I Got This

I am very fortunate in that I get to share the best part of my week, the beginning, with a great group of people and recently during our weekly get together a very interesting question was asked by a person in our group most would consider to be a very logical, very intelligent person who has experienced what could arguably be considered their fair share of successes in life.  This person basically wanted an explanation, an understanding, for lack of better words if you will for a person, someone like the average everyday Joe who is able to be successful in life without believing, placing faith in, or following God. Until that point I honestly had really never given it much thought. I mean the world is broken, man fallen, if you follow the practices, principles, and adhere to the standards laid out by the world it is very possible and more than likely for you to realize the very real, albeit temporal success as it is defined by the world. This question of being or experiencing success without God is an interesting one indeed, one that deserves much more conversation than this post can do it justice. With that said here are some thoughts to ponder. Continue reading “I Got This”