Millennial Departure

exitToday I ran across an article written by a young millennial who was sharing why so many people particularity millennials are giving up on church and the idea of church. This should not be news or a shock to anyone paying attention these days since for many the church has become nothing more than a checkbox of rules and regulations, in short, a waste of time. Millennials value being heard and receptivity. When our churches make them the topic of conversations and sermons instead of including them in the discussion it screams nobody cares what they think. Continue reading “Millennial Departure”


A Game of Inches

83892173 (1)“Football is a game of inches and inches make the champion” ― Vince Lombardi Jr.,

It was October 2012, and the New York Giants were playing the Dallas Cowboys with Dallas trailing and only seconds remaining in the game. When suddenly Dez Bryant caught a game-winning touchdown from Tony Romo to cap an amazing Cowboys comeback. But upon further review, the replay showed Bryant’s hand was out of bounds at the back of the end zone by one inch, and Dallas lost. One inch. One inch gave the Giants a huge 2.5-game lead in the NFC East. Football like Life is a game of inches. Baseball could also be a game of inches. Miss the strike zone by an inch, hit a line drive down the line just foul by an inch, missing a homerun and the game changes. In fact, most sports, most things in life when you think about it can be defined by inches. Continue reading “A Game of Inches”

An Inevitable Process

Young-Old in MirriorDo you know what’s going to happen when you die? Since it is inevitable, we ought to consider whether or not we’re prepared to die. Death is probably the last thing we want to think about, yet it’s something everyone must face. Making funeral arrangements is important, but God is primarily concerned with our relationships with Him because they determine where we’ll spend eternity. The Bible tells us, “it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment,” (Heb. 9:27) so we must have a clear understanding of what happens to us after we die. Those who have not accepted Christ as Savior have good reason to fear death, but believers can have confidence knowing that it’s the means by which we are ushered into heaven. Whenever loved ones die, we grieve, but if they were believers, we also celebrate because they are with Jesus. One day, we’ll see them again in heaven. Continue reading “An Inevitable Process”

Life a Gift, Time a Mystery

Recently I attended a celebration of life service for a friend. The church was standing room only; it was a wonderful service. The most interesting part of the service for me were the comments of others regarding our friend. You see not one person commented on any of her many accomplishments, or the things she had. No everyone from young to old spoke of the “TIME” she poured into their lives, and how their lives were made the better because of her.

Continue reading “Life a Gift, Time a Mystery”

A Most Precious Gift

Today when I arrive at the office to begin my day this is the first email I see. – I have omitted names to protect privacy.

“It is with great sadness that I inform every one of the passing of our co-worker, a team member, the young man who suffered a catastrophic medical event early last week has unfortunately died. The young man was 36 years old with a wife and six-year-old daughter. Continue reading “A Most Precious Gift”

The Question

What gives place to the seemingly unanswerable question is an indescribable longing born in a place just as immeasurable as the question itself. It is not simply a professional longing that stems from some momentary displacement of emotions from not getting the promised promotion, nor is it a personal yearning brought on from some cultural divide or lack thereof.  No, the question is plainly a race issue, the human race, the question is universal; it is systemic to all of humanity. This individual yet common question is this, “Is this all there is to life”  Continue reading “The Question”

Is your life in order

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with someone who shared with me how to have a healthy life by managing my diet, you know eating healthier. Did I mention we were having this conversation while we were both standing in line at a local In-N-Out Burger restaurant, it was their cheat day as they described it so eating a burger and fries with a large coke was indeed perfectly acceptable. In our civilization today, we have made it the norm rather the exception to cheat in life, to skip certain fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle. It is common knowledge the majority of our population does not eat properly, exercise regularly or get enough rest. We are comfortable in or surroundings running the rat race called life, we eat, work, and even sleep on the run. As a result of allowing our work, friends and even our own families to consume us, it should be no surprise when at the end of the day we are feeling tired and overwhelmed. Continue reading “Is your life in order”