Perfect1There is a measure for everything in the world, everything but perfection. Perfection is one of those words much like the word Love we tend to use too loosely until it loses the true meaning. There is a measure for everything in the world, but perfection. We look at something we admire a great deal (perhaps a splendid work of art) and call it perfection. A pitcher throws what is known in baseball as a “perfect game” it means no one gets on base, no hits and no runs have been recorded, but is that true perfection? Is there such a thing as the perfect wine to go with a meal? Continue reading “Perfection”


God’s Dream for You

We all have dreams and aspirations, parents often have dreams for their children, dreams like, “I hope he’s a professional ball player, a doctor” or “I hope she’s musical, an attorney” or “it’d be great if she’s, you know, athletic or artistic…” But then, as you get a little older and the child has gone through some stages in life, the dreams begin to change, “Well, I hope they get a good job” and “hope they do well in school.” Then the older you get and the older they get, you get to the point where, “I don’t care what they do, so as long as…”Your dreams turn into what kind of person they will be, “I just want a kid that loves me, and I want them to be a good person with good ethical morals and values.” At the end of the day, the real dream in your heart is not about what your kids do, it’s about who they become and it’s about their relation and genuine connection to you. Continue reading “God’s Dream for You”