Dirty Secrets of Complicated Relationships

dirty-secrets-of-complicated-relationships11Most of us juggle multiple roles and responsibilities every day, and the boundaries between work and life are often blurred at best. Life happens around the clock. Smart technologies have enabled people across the globe to stay in touch and be responsive in real time. In fact, an article in the Huffington Post indicated that the average person checks their smartphone an average of 221 times a day. Continue reading “Dirty Secrets of Complicated Relationships”



Perfect1There is a measure for everything in the world, everything but perfection. Perfection is one of those words much like the word Love we tend to use too loosely until it loses the true meaning. There is a measure for everything in the world, but perfection. We look at something we admire a great deal (perhaps a splendid work of art) and call it perfection. A pitcher throws what is known in baseball as a “perfect game” it means no one gets on base, no hits and no runs have been recorded, but is that true perfection? Is there such a thing as the perfect wine to go with a meal? Continue reading “Perfection”

An Epic Escape

Every now and then you cross paths with someone who leaves a lasting impression. This is the story of such a person, this person and I crossed paths and this is his story I hope you enjoy it as much as I d0.

As an adult, I have always thought I was above the law, an outlaw of epic proportions. I romanticized my life; I was counterculture, off the grid, living however I wanted. Then suddenly it happened. Although it was more than 15 years ago, I remember the day as clearly as if it were today. It was an unusually brisk and cloudy overcast September morning. My early morning routine of exercise activities felt different for some reason that morning. It was 5:50am I was already up, as I am everyday at that time completing my indoor exercise routine of push-ups, sit-ups, and various weight lifting activities, after completing activities inside it’s time to go outside for a bit of fresh air  besides being outdoors helps  to elevate my mood. As I begin to run, a slight breeze was catching the spray from a few nearby sprinklers as I ran by blowing a very cold mist over my face. The early morning traffic seemed unnervingly loud that morning or perhaps I hadn’t been this close to the street in a long time. I hadn’t been outside much without a razor sharp barbed wire fence blocking my view or anyone scrutinizing my every move longer than I cared to remember. I finished my run as usual in 30 minutes right about 6:30, and then I returned for my shower and shave. Continue reading “An Epic Escape”

Why Did God Save You?

The very popular catch phrase “Jesus Saves” can be found on bumper stickers, homemade signs at sporting events, and fashionable apparel. Sadly, few who see the phrase “Jesus saves” truly and fully understand what it means. The depth and scope of the concept of salvation is distressingly understood on both sides of the church door. The Bible declares that every human being who has ever lived has sinned (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23). Continue reading “Why Did God Save You?”