The Delusion of Mediocrity

Do you ever feel as though you’re stuck in a Spiritual rut? You have your quiet times when you read your Bible, you spend time praying and talking with God, you regularly attend church, you talk with other believers, and you even share your faith with others. But despite all that, your life doesn’t change, nor do the lives of those around you. What is the reason for this stagnation? One of the greatest dangers Christians face today is that we become excessively distracted, rushed, and preoccupied until we have no time for anything as a result we will eventually settle when it comes to Christ.  Unfortunately, too many believers have fallen into the hurry trap and are now living mediocre Christian lives.  Jesus was often busy but was never in a hurry.  He never lost the life giving connection with the Father. Continue reading “The Delusion of Mediocrity”


Dying to Serve

servantleaderThere have been many good and arguably even a few great leaders throughout history, leaders who have at times demonstrated  above average leadership skills and qualities. However the ultimate illustration of leadership does not come from the pages of Forbes Magazine, Business Week, or even the Harvard Business review, but from the pages of the Bible. Jesus Christ is the epitome of the ultimate servant-leader as stated in Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” The servant-leader is quite willing to live in obscurity, but seldom does. A leader “want to-be” like many of the leaders of our time is more likely to fall in love with his own image, and believe in his own good press. Just look around you today and all throughout history, many of those we now consider and most we have thought of in times past as great leaders seem to somehow in some way fall, failing to get out of their own way they inevitable slip, trip, falling face first all due to self. Continue reading “Dying to Serve”

The Only Source


Jeremiah 29_11Not all information is created equal. Individual views on the credibility of sources of information depend highly on where the person may stand on the scale of their belief. Just because information is found at your local library, seen on the news, or read on the internet does not guarantee that it is accurate or even good research. Those who are most concerned about climate change have a very high degree of trust in climate scientists, while those who doubt or dismiss climate change as a phenomenon are strongly distrustful of climate scientists and most likely scientists in general. In an academic setting, being able to critically evaluate information is necessary in order to conduct quality research. Each item you find must be evaluated to determine its quality and credibility in order to best support the research at hand. Continue reading “The Only Source”