The Life I Never Had

Life I Never HadAs I was cleaning up my garage today, I found myself becoming emotional at times. As I open each box, I remember the way life used to be, my life — the interests I used to enjoy, the things I used to do. Skimming through pictures and other keepsakes, I am again reminded that the life I’m living now isn’t the one I thought I’d have at this stage of my existence. Nothing is remotely close to being what I had planned. Continue reading “The Life I Never Had”


Make it a Happy Life

Every human being seeks happiness without exception. Whatever different means they employ, everyone wants to be happy. What if I told you generally speaking, that you are as happy as you have made your mind made up to be? What if I proposed to you that most of our days are what we make them be? Simply stated to rejoice is a choice. All things considered, you and I can choose happiness or not any sour spirits, for the most part, are the results of a poor choice, not poor circumstances. Continue reading “Make it a Happy Life”

Celebrity or Just Popular

celebrity-pastor-1The past decade has witnessed an earth-shattering change in the way we worship in our culture. Today our churches are often located in extra-large auditoriums or stadium-like venues, complete with a large stage, elaborate sound systems, lights and dress rehearsals. The Washington Post provided a picture of this global and diverse movement. They used the most common definition of megachurches, which describes them as reporting “2,000 or more persons in attendance at weekly worship, a charismatic, authoritative senior minister, a 7 day a week community,” and other church “ministries”. Continue reading “Celebrity or Just Popular”

I Don’t Need Your Validation

I once worked with a manager who during lunch was in a rather jovial mood which was rare, so he thought he’d share a joke with the room. With a captive audience, he turned into one of the Improv comedians with everyone laughing loudly even on cue except one person. When the manager asked this person “is there something wrong don’t you have a sense of humor?” The person politely responded, “I don’t think you’re funny and I don’t have to laugh.” Continue reading “I Don’t Need Your Validation”

I Love God, But Not Into Church

Perhaps you or someone you know have in the past said something like the following – “I really love God, but I’m not into church or church groups”. Maybe they have even gone as far as to say God is everywhere you know omnipresent, so I really don’t need to go to church or any group to worship God; I know Him, and He knows me we have a good relationship. Continue reading “I Love God, But Not Into Church”

Leave it ALL

As I press forward through life moving linear the only direction life can be traveled I often find myself wishing I could have understood how to have applied the things I was aware of in life as I am able to do now at this stage in life. I believe we all start out believing the same or at least a very similar set of untruths “LIES” albeit unintentional most of the time one of the more prominent of all is the one often heard during our youth “You’re in control, You have plenty of time” looking back what a crock that is and if you’re telling our youth today, they have time – plenty of time – they have their whole life ahead of them – just STOP IT! Continue reading “Leave it ALL”

Burdens of Life

weight-of-the-world-2On July 15, 1960, in Los Angeles, California during his acceptance speech the then-Democratic Presidential nominee John F. Kennedy, said “We stand today on the edge of a new frontier … but the new frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises – it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intend to ask of them.”

Life is a continual set of challenges, problems, and annoyances. You may often believe if you could just deal with the immediate challenge that you are facing, all your problems would be over. But life is not designed like that. When you resolve one problem, others are already knocking on your door. Is there a person in this world past or present who has never felt the weight of a burden? Burdens are a part of life. If you ever come to the place of being completely burdened free, you will have reached Heaven. Until then expect burdens. The key to bearing burdens is in learning how to be rid of the unnecessary ones. Continue reading “Burdens of Life”