Turn Down For What!

There is a song in our modern pop culture that has given birth to the catchphrase that many people continue using today – “Turn Down for What?” When someone uses the phrase “Turn Up,” they are really saying it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to party and be wild like you’ve never partied before.  In addition the phrase, “Turn Down for What,” basically means…why stop the party, the excitement?  Why should I settle down, why should I quiet down, mellow out and relax for what? After all when you’re excited about something you want everybody to know about it.

Even in the book of Psalm 34:1 the Psalmist says we should “bless the LORD at ALL times!  His praise should continually be in our mouths.” In our modern day vernacular if I may be allowed a little latitude to paraphrase a bit we should Turn Up for God! It means you should praise God without ceasing like you’ve never praised Him before. It doesn’t matter what the situation in your life looks like good, bad, indifferent “Turn Down for What?”

Do you remember when you first met Jesus, better yet when you fell in love with Him? You would be so eager, so excited to read His word, to talk to any and every one about Him, and even fall on your knees because you loved Him so much and wanted to spend all your quality time with Him not just because it was a part of your daily routine but because you were so excited about Him. Think about it for a moment. I don’t mean the “I’m a little child and I love Jesus because he first loved me” type of feeling, but the excitement that came over you when you were very mature and realized what dying for your sins really meant.

Think back to that moment when you really realized Jesus saved you. You may have been sitting in church with your heart pounding, knowing you should surrender, until you finally stood to your feet. Or maybe you were alone, just reading your Bible and Jesus grabbed your heart. No matter how He did it, you know you shared an unbelievable moment with your Savior. Then it happened at that moment you Turned it Up, at that moment when you realized everything you had ever done is forgiven. In that instant you knew Jesus died for your freedom and secured eternity. Hopefully, the moment of your salvation brings never ending excitement, thankfulness, humility and eagerness to tell others. The moment you Turned Up for God when you would ask yourself and perhaps others – Turn Down For What?

In Acts 9:20-31, Saul had just had his moment with Jesus. Saul realized everything he had done against Jesus was forgiven by Jesus. He knew Jesus was the Messiah and “immediately began preaching about Jesus in the synagogues” Acts 9:20. Saul was full of excitement and eagerness to tell everyone he encountered about Jesus he was “Turned Up” even when people were trying to kill him because of it. Saul made up his mind – “Turn Down for What?”

Remember your initial moments with Jesus, and use that memory to reignite, Turn Up that burning spark of eagerness to tell others. Every opportunity we have to share our salvation story is an opportunity to remember our salvation story. Remind yourself daily that Jesus saved you, then ask yourself again “Turn Down for What?”

Can you thank the lord for saving your life if so…? Turn down for what?  Has He brought you through every obstacle in your life? Turn down for what?  Can you thank Him in advance for total restoration in every area where you are lacking? Not only do you want Him to restore you, but restore the relationship because you can’t stop, won’t stop praising His Name – JESUS! “Turn down for what?” Can you say to God I completely trust in You, allow me to use those memories to keep it moving and never Turn Down for anything.

I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth!  My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.  O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! – Psalm 34:1-3, KJV

Turn Down for What?

God’s Peace!


2 thoughts on “Turn Down For What!

  1. Love the theme “turn down for what” the Christian community as a whole need to return to our first Love. we need to re-ignite the flame of love for our Lord; Christ Jesus. keep reminding us!


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